How to Make Money Selling Amway

How to Make Money Selling Amway

Can you make money selling Amway? How much money can you make selling Amway? These questions will be answered, don’t worry you don’t have to answer them. But there will be a quiz at the end!

Did you ever have someone you know, perhaps a friend say “I am selling Amway”? Did you cringe, waiting for the sales pitch? Then you hear, ” you can make money selling Amway” You decline the offer. Now your friend is at the top of Amway selling machine and making a bundle and sending you “I told you so” emails. So now you are here, to get the answers to your questions.

Company: Amway

Owners: Van Andel and DeVos families.


Revenue: 9.8 Billion


Amway began operation in 1959, founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. They are now a worldwide company, with operations in over 80 countries. And approaching 10 Billion in revenue.

From the meager beginnings, Amway products now total around 2500, giving lots of options for selling.

Being as big as they are, they have become a big target. In 2004 Dateline NBC did a yearlong undercover investigation of Amway. This is 14 years ago and the whole thing boiled down to one Upper level IBO exaggerating on income claims and three lower level IBO complaints.

The only thing I think it proved is that in a business of this size, any business you will find unsatisfied employees and that’s not a surprise. Is that a surprise to you?

Amway combines direct selling with multi level marketing (MLM). Distributors, called independent business owners (IBO). In this system you get paid for selling direct and also a percentage of the sales from you down line. The people you have signed up. The more you sign up, the more they sell, more you make.



Corralling all your friends and family is entirely up to you. Push too hard and you may be excluded from future family affairs. Or not.

Many people have heard bad things about MLM, it does have a very high failure rate, around 90%. Of course this makes it difficult to build an effective down line, ones that will sell product and bring others into the business. Friends are not a good choice for trying to build a business, you will need others.

A better way, possibly a website, placing ads in free ad sections of publications or online sources, could be of help. Starting your own business can be very hard or maybe just hard, you have to want it badly to the get the greatest results.

Amway Products


With around 2500 products for sale there should be something for everyone.

  • Nutrition Brands:

Nutralite for Vitamin Supplements. Double X for Weight Management. Body Key for Sports Nutrition. XS for Energy Drinks

  • Cosmetic brand is Artistry

With products for Skin care and Makeup, including : Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Eye and Lip care, Serums, Masques/Exfoliates, Intensive treatments and Anti Acne.

  • Bath and Body G&H for Hair care and Satinique for Body care.
  • For the Home Brands. Atmosphere sky, E Spring, Legacy of Clean.
  • These brand cover Laundry, Surface Cleaning, Disinfectant, Dish Detergent, Water Treatments, Air Treatments and Cookware.


This certainly seems like all the bases are covered. Something for almost everything. Lots of opportunity for filing the needs of potential customers. Do you think you could sell these products, maybe you could use some of them yourself.

Nutrilite product display

Amway Nutrilite products

This company has been around since the 50s, you should believe that these products are of high quality, or they would not still be here and have revenues approaching 10 Billion dollars.

But Can YOU Make Money Selling Amway?

Amway combines a multi level marketing strategy with direct selling. The distributors (IBO) can market products direct to the consumer and also may sponsor and mentor others to become IBOs. IBO can earn money from selling product and a performance bonus based on the sales of their down line.

The down line is the IBOs that they have sponsored and mentored into the program. People may also register as IBOs to purchase products at discounts.

Many people have made a lot of money working with Amway. I believe this is a legitimate business couldn’t be around if it wasn’t.

Amway will support your sales efforts as an IBO. There ill be DVD, brochures, magazines and free personalized websites. Your IBO sponsor will also give you a lot of help. They have a vested interest in your success.

The method taught most is prospecting/selling to family and friends. This is something I find distasteful. You may as well. You can use social media which ca be effective. Be sure to follow company policy on this one, many companies have restrictions on what you can post or tweet etc.

Keep in mind though the Monthly Average Income for Active Amway IBOs $215.00 (in USA) , $192.00 (in Canada)

This is not exactly knocking it out of the park. But could you use an extra 200.00 each month? That’s right it will depend on what I have to do to get it. You have heard to have your own business you have to work hard, and this is true of being a IBO as well. Seems to me that there must be a lot of IBOs that are just not trying? Well there were 48% (USA) and 52% (Canada) active for this study.

And the study does not prove any IBO will fail, and who is to say $215 is failing?

The way to get started with Amway, there is a $62.00 registration fee, you get e starter kit. The kit contains materials to help you get started, a get started guide, catalogs, brochures and details on the rewards program. Information on training is also included. Seems making money with Amway should not be difficult.


There is also a Product Starter kit, $99.00. Contains $245.00 worth of product. Full size products that you can try. Also, some samples to share. A pack of 10 mini catalogs. And more on the training.



I believe that this is a good opportunity and you can make money with Amway. As, I said before hard work will be needed. The company and your sponsor will assist, t you along the way. You feel this may be for you? Then you should write down what you plan to do, social media, online bulletin boards, selling to businesses.

What about that website, will you have to build it? What do you know about that? Unfortunately I can not get all the information, there will much more when you sign up.

My Personal choice

2 Free Websites with free hosting and training.

Do whatever you want with the sites. Make a political statement! Sell something anything, anything legal that is. The possibilities are amazing and only limited by your mind. Did I mention Free!

There is a Premium membership that you do not have to join.

 There is a lot for free, of course more for premium. Everybody starts out as a free member. Some stay that way, they have no need for further training.

Speaking of training, there is a lot and all first class. The training from certification thru boot camp is set up the same way. There is a text section, then a video and the ending text, then the tasks.

You need to do the tasks before moving on. It is very important to do the training in order. There no time limit take whatever you need.

The tasks are based on the lesson so it helps solidify it in you mind. The training is available all the time, if you want to revisit one or just redo all. I have and will probably again.

Of course if you need help, there is a question/search bar where you can input your question and it will show you where your answer can be found. This is a huge time saver.

With the right knowledge, you can reach your goals!!

You can reach your goals, you can get that knowledge, Right here. Keep you credit card in you pocket, you will NOT need it. Sign up, its free, take a look, walk away if you must. No spam, No scam. You owe this to yourself.

Just click and get started….

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