Avon Opportunity, What You Ought to Know

Avon Opportunity, What You Ought to Know

Are you contemplating selling Avon products? Want to find out how much do you earn selling Avon? Maybe be an Avon representative and have more money to spend! Get some products at big discounts! Be the Boss, Independence, now that is a goal.

Avon has been around forever, so it seems. We will take a look at the company  history first.

Avon History

Avon Products Inc..also known as Avon, founded by David H. McConnell in 1886. (told you, been around forever) Avon is a direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. Avon had annual sales of $5.7 billion worldwide in 2016.

Avon sells products in over 100 countries. Brazil is the company s largest market, surpassing the USA in 2010. Avon entered the Chinese market in 1990, Direct selling was outlawed in China, causing Avon to sell its wares in storefronts called Beauty Boutiques. The ban was lifted in 2001 and Avon was granted a license for direct selling in 2006.

88% of Avons revenue came from overseas markets, 10 billion in 2013.

Avon is the fifth-largest beauty company with 6.4 million representatives, it is the second-largest direct selling company in the world after Amway. Read this article on Amway

Recently Avon has struggled with falling global sales for five years straight. North American sales fell 18% in 2014.

In 2016 Avon completed the sale of the remainder of its American business. All of its operation are now outside the United States. Part of a three-year plan will move headquarters to United Kingdom.



Avon logo, blue

Avon Logo- blue

Avon Philanthropy

In 1995, the Avon Foundation for Women made its first grant, a $400 scholarship. The Companies Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program looks to reduce this. Avons global philanthropy led by the Foundation, through 2012, have donated more than $910 million in more than 50 countries.

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Early 1990, Avon began donating to breast cancer cause for research and care. This was done through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and the Avon walk for Breast Cancer. Since 2003, it has been reported, the 180,000 walkers have raised $472 million.

Before 2003 the walk was a function of Palotta Teamwork with Avon as the beneficiary

Animal Testing

Vowing in 1989 that as a company in the United States, they would no longer participate in animal testing for their products. Avon has become a force in the movement to eradicate animal testing. And working to show other methods of doing that testing. These methods include, testing on human volunteers, computer simulations and in Vito testing.

Avon does not participate in animal testing for it products sold in the United States, BUT, some specialty products do require testing in other countries. Laws in various countries require animal testing, force Avon to comply. In China the products that require testing include in part. Whitening/pigmentation products, hair dye/perm or growth, and sunscreen.

There are jurisdictions that require testing be done through a commercial business and pay for testing. Because, Avon is not totally animal testing free. The people for the ethical treat of animals will not include Avon on their cruelty-free list.


Avon Logo picture

Avons Training Center

Avon uses both door to door sales people, “Avon Ladies” primarily. Some men also of course. (insert your own sexist remark here) In addition to door, Avon uses brochures to advertise their business.

The first Avon lady was Persis Foster Eames Albee.

Training centers are operated by Avon for potential representatives. Some have a small retail section with skin car products, such as creams, serums, washes and makeup. Avon uses multi level marketing (MLM) to recruit sales representatives. These representatives will sell, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, and accessories.


Avon Representatives.

….are considered to be independent sales representatives, running their own business. How much can you earn selling Avon. That I am afraid to say is impossible to say. Your earning is the difference between your expenses and the sales amounts you have collected.

How this works: say you order $100.00 of product. you sell all of this and have $100.00. If commission was 25% you will send $75.00 back to Avon. Any items in the brochure with a STAR next to them have a 20% difference in what you pay and your customer pays. These items account for about 50% of the brochure. They are called fixed price items.

Core products that do not have a star can have higher discounts, but you must sell $150.00 to move to the next level which is 30% Below is a screen shot from Avon.com.

Avon Pay RatesTrouble in Town??

Representatives at Avon, usually quit in the first six months, if they are going to quit. There is a turnover rate of 54%.

We found representative that are losing money on almost every campaign. One stated: ” I typically sell over $250.00 per campaign, I typically lose $20.00 for each campaign”. Others mirrored or had similar stories. There were stories of up line, representatives on the leader board hassling down line to get bigger and bigger orders.

I am quite certain that this occurs rather infrequently. The people that are on the leader board, must be aware that properly trained and motivated representatives will perform to their abilities. There is never and acceptable reason to abuse a down line person verbally or otherwise.

If there is a problem with reoccurring poor performance, re-training and constructive criticism and guidance are far more effective.

Trouble Around the Globe?

Chinese corruption charges, began in 2003 and finally in 2014 Avon settled the bribery charges, for a total of $135 million.

In 2016 Avons office in Turkey, discrimination against women and union workers.

In 2013, 14th of October, Avon announced closure on the Paris, France branch. It’s French representatives accused it of keeping them in the dark for months and not acting in line with the company’s publicly stated values of being a socially responsible company and a culture of “open and candid communication”. Avon France began receivership in January 2014.

It was just announced that Avon in Australia will close by years end. 15 February 2018.


Review score Avon receives 65 out of 100.

This is an old company, still operating is an indication they must have changed with the times. Should you jump in and join up? I would not, without having a long heart-to-heart. Find out what is expected of you and what can you expect from her/him. Best to start with good communication at the beginning.

I believe you can make money here, maybe not as much as you think. To succeed anywhere will take HARD WORK.

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