Beachbody Coach is a Scam

Beachbody Coach is a Scam

Beachbody Coach is not a scam, at least no one has shown me, they are a scam yet. Is Team Beachbody a scam? Maybe the problem is with the team beachbody ,Shakeology shakes? Ever had one? Me neither, make my own. Beachbody fitness with the streaming and DVD (I suppose) can’t be causing a flap. Everyone is getting healthier and all these people are trying to do is help. Is there something I am missing?


  • Beachbody is a Private company.
  • Doing business in Fitness, Weight Loss and Dietary supplements.
  • Headquartered in Santa Monica CA USA
  • Carl Daikeler (CEO), John Congdon (President)
  • Website:

Beachbody, LLC is a SantaMonica CA, firm that was founded in 1998. Formerly known as Product Partners LLC. The name was changed in 2010. It operates an online community for Fitness and weight loss solutions. Developing products from fitness, to healthy supplements, beauty products, accessories, online applications and more. Selling their products online and through their Team Beachbody Coach network.

Coach, this is someone with a physical fitness degree and or experience, correct? Should it be? Or should anyone with the money, for the price of admission, be able to get the designation of “coach”? Hearing these people are coaches, I imagine getting instruction on work outs. Stretching, warm-ups, cool downs. That sort of thing. Alas this is not what I am finding. A coach is not who I would go to for nutrition advice, usually a nutritionist. Which I don’t see here either.

I don’t doubt that some of these sales people are real coaches, trainers, nutritionists. But why then are they selling Beachbody products? Is it that much more lucrative than their chosen field? Maybe I should jump in, become a Beachbody coach success. Do those Beachbody workouts, Beachbody Shakeology, Wear some Beachbody fitness apparel. Or maybe not.

Beachbody Coach Income

This Beachbody Coach opportunity, comes with no guarantee of success or even that you will make a dime. Probably to be expected. But many scams will do just that, tell you that you will make a thousand next week and such.

The coaches earn: $40 to $105 for sale of challenge packs, retail sales bring in 25%, Signing up a new member brings 40%, then a sign up to Team beachbody club gets 15%. The challenge packs are Shakeology and a fitness pack.



There are also business expenses: Business starter kit $39.95-this includes 2 personal websites and access to your “back office”. Possible to have this fee waived if you purchase one of the starter packs. These would be: Diamond pack or Shakeology starter pack or the Shakeology Plus Fitness Pack.

Cost to get started $135.00 approximately. Ongoing monthly charges of around $110.00. Including $16.00 for back office and website. Also, including the Shakeology, which it is highly recommended you use. How can you sell the product if you don’t use it?

You are required to sell 50PV per month to maintain your active status. Buying the Shakeology satisfies this requirement.

Of course, this is a MLM, you also get paid on what your down line sells. You need to get more people in, making sales and generating money for you.


This will give you an idea of the money that is possible. As it says, it all depends on you. Some of these figures are from coaches that work part-time. About $449. a year as opposed to almost $19000. These are averages so these figures are possibly off to a degree. But this gives you an idea what is possible.

Beachbody Coach Shakeology

Buy Shakeology, give it a try. Drink Shakeology every day and it will provide healthy energy, you will LOSE WEIGHT, reduce junk food and support digestion and regularity. The cost for all this is only $129.99 plus shipping for 30 days.

This comes to about $4.35 per serving and 160 calories (mixed with water) would probably be better with one of the nut milks, would raise calories about double.

Beachbody Shakeology ingredients have been gathered from all over the world. Superfoods, like Maca, Flaxseed, Chia seed, Goji berry, pomegranate, Camu and many more. I know something of these super foods. Most of them are in my kitchen right now. I make super food smoothies at home here. Damn good ones too. Bet mine are better!

The Beachbody Shakeology shakes should not be used as a meal replacement. Too few calories. Some of mine come up at 385 calories and that is still too light to be called a meal replacement.

Depending on what calorie goal you have your meals should likely be in the 600- 800 calorie range. Some of mine get up to 800 calories. Hey get to my area, let me know maybe I can make one for you! Would you like that?

You are going with the Shakeology remember you should also eat something. We can’t have you running on empty, can we?
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The coaches have a whole of products to offer, I wonder why some only make $500. In a year. Seems to me that if you put in any effort, you could do much better. Don’t you? Makes me wonder that they may be so starved for people, they are no qualifying properly. This is a MLM no doubt.

They have rules as most do. You must produce 50PV each month to stay active. Staying active is much better for your bottom line. I do not see a scam here.

There are always going to be people that fail, particularly with MLM. They did not know heading in or whatever. The fact that you failed does not mean the company is a scam. What it does mean is that YOU FAILED.

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