How to Become a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant

How to Become a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant

Paparazzi Accessories sells cheap fashion jewelry through consultants’. Learning the truth of this operation, how to become a Paparazzi consultant, start a Paparazzi home business. Sound like a plan? Thought so. Glad you are here with us today… lets get started.

Paparazzi Accessories

Created by sisters Misti Kirby and Chani Reeve

Website: Paparazzi Accessories Created in 2011

Selling: Costume Jewelry.

If you are thinking about becoming a Paparazzi Consultant, your in the right place. We will look at the company, what is right and what isn’t quite right.

Is this a good business opportunity? Paparazzi Jewelry business? The correct name is Paparazzi Accessories, but they are both often used interchangeably and so I will too!

Paparazzi Accessories grew over 600% in one 6th month period, from consultant sales. You have to figure they make quite a lot as well.

The only place to get Paparazzi Accessories is from one of their consultants’ or the consultants’ website. There are no Paparazzi Jewelry catalog.

The opportunity is a MLM, multi-level-marketing, some have suggested that MLM stands for Many Losing Money.

I am sure that is not true here. Home parties are encouraged/suggested. I see several Paparazzi on Facebook selling their little hearts out, and even on You Tube.

Selling at flea markets and farmers markets, open a kiosk in a mall, stores can sell Paparazzi, you can set up displays in schools, offices, business lunchrooms, gift stores, book stores and more, I am sure.


Festivals and fairs, any outdoor venue that allows vendors, some of these are even seeking vendors. Anywhere there are a lot of people, set up a couple tables, a cover or tent, hang some signs, man the cash register! It is gonna be a grab and go…..well that’s the way I see it, don’t you?


Of course there is the option of having your own website to sell this costume jewelry. The hosting fees may preclude any new consultants’ with low bankrolls.

Well, you will figure out where to sell, but relying on friends and family members will doom you to failure and poor relations in the end. (my opinion, hope I did not offend)


The jewelry is designed here in the USA and manufactured in China. Creators do keep up with the trends, then design and have produced and out to the consultants’. Which is a good thing, giving you new up to date product.

This will give you fresh stock and something for you and your customers to look forward to. Paparazzi Jewelry are one of a kind designs.

Required bulk purchases, consultants’ must buy their product in bulk, The starter is $99.00 plus tax and shipping. Then the mid-priced kit is $299.00 and the top priced kit is $499.00. All plus tax and shipping.


Selling costume jewelry for $5.00 should be a breeze, no? Of course, it should! Everybody can afford $5.00, well most can. Consultants get a percentage for each piece sold. 45%, which is almost unheard-of, usually in a MLM 25% is the norm. Score 1 for Paparazzi. Each piece sold will bring you $2.25, sell 100 of these and you have a fair day.


Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kits

It does seem to me, that the best route here is to go for the Large Home Party Kit. I understand that some people will not have $500.00 lying around and may be in the situation of not being able to barrow. Maybe a squeeze to come up with $100.00 for the Preview Pack.

Either way you should not find it too hard to move up to the larger kits, just hold onto your profits until you have what you need. Of course the retail value of the kits, assumes you sell every piece, which I doubt happens often.

Saying this I know this will be difficult for some people, but if you are building a business, something to bring a good income, what is more important than that?

With Paparazzi, you can set your own schedule, no minimum purchase. Your income is unlimited. This is wonderful! Right?

Is Paparazzi a good business to go into? Many stay- at- home parents, spouses work with MLMs in their spare time.

The money that is earned, through the MLM, is side income that is not part of the household budget. A portion of the MLM sales may have be reinvested.

Sometimes the MLM representative/consultants’ end up investing far more than their sales are. Not good. It takes a lot out of some of them to keep pushing people to buy.

Many of these people are “burned out” and done after in as little as two years. Some will wind up with a lot of inventory to sell, often at a loss. The only real winner in this scenario is the MLM, they were able to sell all their product to their down line.

Paparazi Tourqouise

What About Recruitment

Consultants recruit others to be consultants’ and earns more money from them. 5% is the additional income from sales by down line. That will jump to 10% when 3 consultants are in the down line. Most MLM give 2-5% of down line sales.

If you want to turn your Paparazzi into a full time income or even into a good part-time income, you will need to recruit. you will need the extra income that comes along with recruitment. As, above you will get 5% of sales by your down line. 10% for 3 consultants’.

This brings something else to mind. It puts control of some of your income in the hands of others, if they are not selling, your not making money. They aren’t either. But still the best way to move to that level is with recruitment.



  • $5.00 products that are easy sell.
  • The product line changes often.
  • Not a lot of competition.
  • So many options of where you can sell.


  • House Parties
  • $5.00 products, can work against you sometimes. (why so cheap, what’s wrong with it)
  • It is an MLM, recruitment is the way, big money is at the top, not as easy as they make it sound.

Paparazzi is a MLM, as are many other companies. Most of the income is found near the top. Selling $5.00 accessories is relatively easy. But to make more, moving up is imperative.

Spend time selling, but also building your down line. Sometimes it will feel like a lot to do for $2.25 each, remember you only need about 90 sales to get to $200.00.

Paparazzi is a relative young company there are bound to be changes and we will look at them again at that time, for now…..

Score 76 out of 10



My Top Pick:

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