Secret Shopper No More Secrets-Just Mystery

Secret Shopper No More Secrets-Just Mystery


Free secret shopper jobs, real secret shopper jobs, do you want to be a secret shopper? You surly have seen these ads around, how about than one, real secret shopper jobs, so the others are not real? Mystery or Secret shoppers have been around a long time. There are many legitimate secret shopper companies. Unfortunately there have been a lot of scams associated with some undeserving firms.

Mystery shopping is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves, to measure quality of service or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

The Mystery

The Mystery consumers specific identity and purpose are generally not known by the establishment being evaluated.

Mystery shopping was standard practice in the 1940s as a way to measure employee integrity. Tools used for mystery shopping assessments range from simple questionnaires to complete audio and video recordings.

Mystery shopping can be used in any industry, with the most common venues being retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, fast food chains, banks, gas stations, car dealerships, health care and health/fitness clubs.

Since 2010, mystery shopping has been become abundant in the medical tourism industry, with healthcare providers and medical facilities using the tool to access and improve the customer service experience.

In the UK, mystery shopping is used increasingly, to obtain feedback on customer services provided by local authorities and other non-profit organizations such as housing associations and churches.

There are more than 1.5 million mystery/secret shoppers in the USA today. 3/2018

So now you know a little more than you likely did about those Secret/Mystery Shoppers. I always thought this might be a way to get a few extra bucks, maybe we can…..

Secret Shopper Scam

There are free legitimate secret shopper jobs out there. But there are people than are working day and night to come up with new ways to separate you from your money. They talk smooth, explaining what they need you to do. Tell you how much you will get, you agree and it takes no time deposit a check….. A few days later, big trouble, the check bounces and look who is holding the bag!

Dishonest people often take out ads in newspapers, send emails. Creating the impression that shopper jobs, will put you on the fast track to an easy retirement. Often building websites for you to visit and sign up.

But wait, there is the registration fee. For what? Well you will need a certification to be a shopper, need a list of shopper companies, and we can guarantee a shopper job. All for the small fee of…..

The truth of the matter is you need no certification (this one is likely fraudulent), you can get a list of companies on the web, and no-one can guarantee you a job. Don’t fall for this one.

This is indeed good news!

“The Mystery Shopping industry finally has a positive message related to the cashier’s check wiring scam so many of our members and the public have fallen victim to. The MSPA wanted to share the following news with our Members.”

“The Department of Justice reports than Christie Easter of Fort Worth, Texas, and Toheeb Odoffin of Chicago pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.”

“It’s an all too familiar scheme. Easter and Odoffin sent emails to recruit Mystery Shoppers to evaluate financial institutions. They obtained personal information from interested shoppers. Sent the shoppers counterfeit cashier’s checks and money orders, instructed the shoppers to cash the check at their own bank and keep a portion of funds for payment. Then wire the rest back to the conspirators in order to evaluate money transfer services.

Once the counterfeit check bounces, the victims in these schemes are responsible for the funds and the conspirators have stolen their money.”

In quotes, reprinted from the MSPA at click here to visit their site.

If have been contacted/approached by a possible fraud shopper company. Take names, notes, then contact: Postal inspectors, if mail was involved 1-877-876-2455. The Federal Trade Commission 1-800-FTC-HELP, the FTC handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices.

Woman Shoping for Shoes

Woman Shopping for Shoes

Mystery/secret shopper? We will never know!

Legitimate Mystery/Secret Shopping Jobs

These are certainly out there. As you, have seen you do need to do your due diligence. I always and you should also, read the terms and conditions and privacy policy on the websites you visit. Especially any site you are giving your personal information. It is dry reading, I know, but you will find out what they will do with your info, who they sell to or who they share with. Often I have found things than have made me uncomfortable, I leave.

There is an association, MSPA the mystery shopper professional association. There is a link above. The MSPA is a global association of companies united as a common body for strengthening the mystery shopping industry through combined efforts. The goal is to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance reputation and the use of the service.

The primary goals are.
  • Establish professional standards and ethics for the industry.
  • Educate providers, clients and shoppers to improve the quality of service.
  • Improve the industry image and maintain this thru public relations and conduct.
  • Promote member to other industry associations and prospective employment.

This is good stuff, you agree-Yes?

MSPA is the largest trade association, dedicated to improving the service. With over 465 member companies worldwide. These include marketing research, private investigation firms, training organizations, merchandising companies and companies than specialize in providing mystery shopping fieldwork services. Member companies work with their clients to establish mechanism to improve and measure levels of service.

Looks like there are legitimate secret shopper job opportunities available after all.


So if your desire is to become a secret shopper, you now know where to go. Secret shopper companies are available right through MSPA. Can you make money being a secret/mystery shopper? How much money does a secret/mystery shopper earn?

The only way I can put that, is not much, you will not be able to replace a full time income, probably not a part-time income. From what I see it is a good way to get some extra money. This is also not as easy as some people think.

But I urge you to go and check with MSPA, you will get more info from them when you sign up.

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