Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Welcome and thanks for stopping in. Because you are here, I will assume that you have an interest in making money online. An interest in Affiliate marketing?  Earning money online is the dream of many, including myself. Have you been considering this long?

Have you tried out some programs online? Tried a few, well 4 to be exact, not all of them were scams, some were just undo- able, if you know what I mean. Then there were a couple that were scams.

I lost money, caught up in all the hype. ( they couldn’t say that, if it wasn’t true!) I was so damn naive!

All the tools you need to succeed
How to earn money online as an affiliate will be giving you information and access to a business making platform, where you can start your affiliate business for free.! You haven’t seen that offer often have you? Details to follow….

Starting Online Affiliate Marketing

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Make money online, Affiliate marketing works for many and will work for unlimited more, why don’t you become one?

Online Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions about affiliate marketing. The first is that the affiliate marketing online business is easy. It is not. The second is that you will make a fortune “overnight”, This is highly unlikely. Less than 10% of those in the business even came close to this.

Making a lot of money in a short period is not what the majority of successful affiliate marketers have done. But still make money affiliate marketing, is a great way to earn a living, possibly a lot more.

From my experience Affiliate marketers, new to the business, can take 6 months to 3 years to make money. Yes, a wide range, but dealing with a wide range of persons, all bringing different knowledge, dreams and resources.

Meaning different time required to learn the training and apply it, also some work at this part-time and others work at it 24 hours a day!

Consider the new car salesman or insurance salesman, in both cases, the new person to these professions will not be burning up the sales charts. Not until they have had the training and gotten some experience.

It is really not that different online.

Affiliate marketing is often confused with referral marketing, likely because both types of marketing use 3rd parties to drive sales to the retailer. The affiliate marketer relies on financial motivation, while referral relies on trust and personal relationship.

Affiliate marketing also includes “regular” advertising methods, these include organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC–Pay Per Click), email marketing, content marketing and some display advertising.

Of course Affiliate marketing also uses some less orthodox techniques, such as publishing reviews of products and services.

Affiliates continue to play an important role in e-retailers strategies.

Many merchants favor affiliates, because, in most cases it uses a “pay for performance” model. Meaning there is no commission due the affiliate unless there is a sale.

A little Affiliate Marketing History

The concept of revenue sharing-paying commission for referred business, predates affiliate marketing and the internet. William J Tobin put this concept into practice and patented the concept in 1989.

The translation of the revenue share principles to main stream e-commerce occurred in November 1994, four years after origination of the World Wide Web.

Amazon launched its affiliate program in July 1996: Amazon associates could place banners or text links on their site for individual books or link directly to Amazon home page. Amazon was not the first to offer an affiliate program, its program was the first to be widely accepted and served as a model for future programs.

Affiliate marketing has grown quickly since its inception. The e-commerce sites that were viewed as a marketing toy in the early days, are now considered an integrated part of the offline stores business plan. And many times out perform the brick and mortar stores.

Websites and services based on the Web 2.0 concepts–blogging and interactive online communities, for example have impacted affiliate marketing as well. These platforms have opened affiliate marketing channels to personal bloggers, writers and independent website owners.

Free Starter Membership

Includes two free websites, hosting and training to build your site.

Here are the free member benefits, along with the premium membership benefits. There is no need for you to join the upgraded premium. The benefits shown are to give you a clear view of what is offered.

Note that the premium is also available in 6 month and yearly payments which lessens the effective monthly payment.

There have been many that have achieved lasting success, replacing their full time income a couple times over. Some have made money as early as 6 months, but NOT thousands of dollars. So who can do this? Is it really hard? Will I have to do this full time?

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So, Who is this for? Anyone!!

College and High school Graduates looking for Work

Graduates with no plans, looking to enter the workforce. Or maybe delaying their moving to the next step. Maybe you have had a part-time job, after school. But you can’t see yourself staying there for the rest of your work years. To be a good candidate for an online affiliate business, you should be trainable. Being familiar with the internet. Who is not, familiar?

Training, yes there is training, quite a lot of it, and if you follow the training and don’t skip, you will succeed!

This program will also work if you can only do it part-time, there is no penalty for that. Go at your own speed.

Blogging is a one of the best ways to make money online. Post quality content to your blog. Helpful blog posts, will increase visitors and chances for income. This would come from selling your own products, other peoples products, ads or affiliate links.

Blogs are a top producer of income. You could also open an e-commerce site, a memorial site or even a “local” site. Affiliate marketing fits with any of these.

Writing a blog for money, can’t be a bad gig, can it? Many people are doing just that and some very well.

Seniors, Retired or Disabled Needing Extra Money

Seniors living on a fixed income are very much in need of some additional money. I, myself am in this group, actually Senior and disabled. And reaching retirement in one year. Seniors, all in this group, may not get through the training as quickly as the younger set, but we have a wealth of experiences to write a blog for.

And most of us would rather earn the extra money we need, than have it donated to us. We earn our own money and do what we want, take that vacation, get out to that favorite restaurant as much as you really want.

Send more time on the golf course or maybe holding onto the end of a fishing rod, or whatever you like to do. Affiliate marketing can provide the way to make that money!

I will tell you getting back to what we used to make, would be nice, more would open up so much we would like to do.

We understand there are no guarantees, and nothing comes easy. But we don’t quit!

Have patience and persistence and remain positive, we can all do this.

Single Parents, stay at home parents

Persons likely to have little extra time, little extra money as well. Probably have a couple small or medium-sized reasons for needing more money. This could one of the best solutions, allowing you to work in your spare time. Don’t laugh!! I know they sleep. haha Seriously, you likely have an internet connection, laptop, tablet or phone. All will work with this system.

If what you want or need is to earn money online, make money with affiliate marketing, take this opportunity to start for free, get in there and kick the tires, then make your decision.

Having the flexibility to do this for as much or as little time as you have to give in a day.

I am a laptop guy myself. But I do some work with my phone. What you use does not matter, as long as you use it.


Not a very big word, as words go. But WOW, what a difference this community makes. There are people from around the world in Wealthy Affiliate.

Helping each other is a daily occurrence. Friendships are made and everyone helps keep you on track, if that’s what you need.

This is not a social site, it is a business site full of like-minded people. All are here for the same or similar reasons you may be. Spamming and scamming are strictly forbidden, and are promptly dealt with. This community is just amazing, you need to experience it to really appreciate it.


Thank you for taking time from your day to spend with us. Please, leave comments and ask questions below.