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Why should I have to qualify, you ask? We at Free Online Business Training Courses, want to be sure you have the tools to succeed.  Having people that won’t work serves no one and should not even try to benefit from the courses.

Of course we and nobody else can guarantee your success, it is all up to you. With the training, success will be easier, surely.

The training includes two websites and hosting free. This is good, Right?

Training you to build the site, get it indexed and ranked with the search engines.

Getting your site monetized, allowing you to make money.
The training is up to date and the best training I have ever encountered.

Consisting of text and video training with tasks you perform to move on. The tasks are involving what you have just learned.


Enjoy more this way

Loving what you do makes life so much easier.

Before I go any further, I need to say that this is NOT a GET RICH QUICK scam. This is a legitimate chance for you at get the training and start your own online business.

This is an opportunity, a chance for you to learn to do something you may love. Work at home, work anywhere.
But work is what we are talking about.

Free business training courses gives you a start to fulfill your dreams. That would be what you want, isn’t it? Well it is what I want for you, to succeed!

There a few characteristics that you should possess, making working your business easier. I am NOT saying that you cannot be successful without these. It will not be as easy.

#1 Do you believe in yourself?

man making it to top of mountain

Making it to the top

#2 Are you willing to work?

#3 Are you alive and breathing?

#4 Are you a no quit, persistent person?

#5 Are you Ready for a change?

#6 Do you have a positive attitude?

#7 Have you wanted a business of your own?

#8 Are you goal oriented?

#9 Would you like to work at home, or anywhere?

#10 Do you have a passion for something? Something you are really excel at?

Well how did you do?    How did I do?   I got five, not  bad but, certainly not stellar either. But I have been through the training and have my two websites. I continue working on the other traits I am missing.

So, as you certainly see, the training can be for anyone,even if you got only 2 and 3 above!

Really more of those traits will make it easier. Having more of these is desirable in any position, but many here and elsewhere are leading successful lives without all of these traits.

If you are ready to proceed, keep your credit card in your pocket.

Remember, Free online business courses will give you the staring courses and websites and hosting for them FREE.

Simply click and get yourself set up, you just need a username and your email and name, very easy. Get started on your new business!! You could be building your business very soon, click and get the ball rolling….

Ready? click and set up your training!

If you feel unsure, click here for further information.

If unsure, click here, for more information

Please leave all comments below.

If you should want to contact us you can do so..HERE

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13 responses to “Free Online Business Training Courses”

  1. Crystal says:

    Well everything you said there is on point. I have been with WA for 2 years and I started to earn real cash from my Website 4 months after creating it. Now, I do not need to worry about my rent or school supplies because of my online business. At first, I just joined to connect with people with similar goals, then I became obsessed with owning a successful Website. Well the hard work and continued training is working. I was blessed to find WA before I lost a lot of money online.

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you Crystal for the endorsement of Wealthy Affiliate. They can teach anyone to build an online business.

  2. Mike says:

    Hello James:

    Like you, I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I started about 2 1/2 months ago and I am extremely happy with the program to date. In fact, it has become more of an obsession, I can’t seem to soak up enough information fast enough. The training and community support are second to none. I truly believe that if a person has the drive and the willingness to learn, they can be successful at affiliate marketing. Best to you in the future. Thanks again for the post.


  3. GiuliaB says:

    James, I am a WA member and would like to add up a little to your article. Wealthy Affiliate does have an excellent training course, which has led me as well as many other members to success. At WA they teach you to create your own website, to create your own online business and to market it to reach success. That’s the key to passive income through affiliate marketing. But many people incorrect interpret passive income as no more work – holidaying 10 months of the year and working a couple of hours a day at most. Wrong!
    One of the pre-requisites to success you ask for is the willingness to work hard. And I couldn’t agree more: you do need to be prepared to put the hours into creating your own business, especially at the beginning, when you try establish your brand and build a reputable name. But, what online business gives you is a great amount of flexibility. Even now that my son is nearly 18, being able to work when I can, trying to balance other family commitments for me is crucial – my only regret is that I never had the guts to go for this type of business when my son was smaller, as this would have saved me a great amount of money in child care, I would have seen more of my son, and I would have had a wealthier income.
    To all those that question whether creating your own business is worth the aggravation, I would say a definite and massive YES!!

  4. Michael Medlen says:

    As with everything, where there’s a dream there’s a way. But often this comes from necessity rather than desire.

    For me, Wealthy Affiliate is a great social tool that just so happens to teach us how to provide for ourselves through online content creation. No matter how hard you desire it, you’re going to have put the reps in and make a go at it.

    As always, God bless and thanks.


  5. dalwhu says:

    Hi James

    This is seems like a really interesting training platform that could give someone an opportunity to succeed online.

    The questions really got me thinking and looking at myself and where I want to go in life.

    Can I ask though that you get 2 free websites and training absolutely free?

    Is there a time limit on this as I’ve never come across free training before?

    Thank you


    • james hilton says:

      Thank you for reading the article, glad you enjoyed it.

      Once you become a free member you may remain a free member for as long as you like.

      The 2 websites and hosting and training are absolutely free. This is the only time I have found this type of opportunity.  I took advantage of it and am letting others know about the benefits, it is free,

  6. Gomer Magtibay says:

    If what I have is just one of those many things that you’ve listed, will I still be qualified to start my own online business?

    And another thing, I noticed there’s a free training being offered. Is there a minimum age requirement to avail of that free training?

    I ask because, I have a niece who’s looking for something similar to this Wealthy Affiliate.

    • james hilton says:

      Even just one item on the list qualifies you to start your business at Wealthy Affiliate, in fact it qualifies you to succeed with that business, that is on you, of course.

      As to the age, I have not run into that, I would think that anyone above the age of consent would qualify. In the US that is set by the states. Most are 18 yrs old. She should check the age in her location.

      The other way would be to have a parent join and have her  do the training and building.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Luba says:

    Thank you for this article. I am using Wealthy Affiliate to grow my own business and can personally vouch for it being legitimate to anyone who is unsure. Thank you for making it clear in your article that it isn’t a get rich quick scam that doesn’t work, but that success is in your hands.

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you for the comment. No free rides anywhere that I am aware. But WA is a place that offers the needed training and you make what you will with it. So dive in and succeed. Nobody stopping you.

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