Free Ways for Seniors to Earn Money Online

Free Ways for Seniors to Earn Money Online

Today seniors, baby boomers starting to end their working life and move into the retirement phase. Many of these are in for a surprise, many not surprised are choosing to keep working past their retirement age. Some employers will let you stay on part-time when you do retire. Free ways for seniors to earn money online can help.

It is reported that as many as 75% of seniors will need to make additional income to stay afloat. If you look around the internet, you can find some very sad stories, of seniors that are living on the streets.

They were unable to make it, finding that what social security paid, in some cases, would not cover the rent!

If you possess an internet connection, or have access to one, there are ways to earn money online. Possible enough to help you keep your head above water, maybe enough to take a vacation or whatever dreams you have.

Maybe you will need just a little, maybe a lot. Let’s see how seniors earn money online.

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Online Surveys

You hear a lot about online surveys, I have written, some reviews on survey sites. One that I have used and made money with is Swagbucks. I find survey money is entirely possible, sometimes slow in coming and tedious work. Spending a lot of screen time answering questions. Swagbucks has many opportunities to earn Swagbucks.

These include watching videos, paying games and signing up for offers. Each pay varying amounts of swagbucks, clearly indicated.

I will caution to read the offers carefully, some pay good Swagbucks, but require payment from you or a subscription. you can also shop through Swagbucks.

I generally will only take the offers that offer an e-mail subscription, usually recipes You have to keep getting the emails for a period before you get your Swagbucks. All in all, this is not a bad place, you can earn money, it will take a lot of time in my opinion, but you can. You can join Swagbucks here


I have reviewed a few other survey sites and would not recommend Panda Research–How about a Little Research on Panda Research

MyPoints is another site that has similar opportunities as Swagbucks, not surprising, because they are both owned by the same parent company. I have not reviewed this site yet. You may want to check- Join MyPoints and Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for shopping online

Seniors earn money online writing, become an author..

Damn SurveysBecome A Writer

Write an e-book, some are as short as 6000 words. You probably have some life experience or knowledge that you could use as a subject.

You don’t need an agent or publisher, self-publish through Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing.

How much you earn, of course will depend on sales. Some people earn 3-4 hundred a month.

Freelancing is a good way to earn money online. Writers are needed and your experiences will set you apart. Sign up with and let them bring the gigs to you.

Sell Your Stuff

I am sure, that you have some possessions that you would sell, maybe even like to get rid of the clutter. One of the easiest ways seniors earn money online.

You can sell items through some websites. One of them is Decluttr, easy to use, specializing in old electronics, digital and analog. Books, DVD, CD, Games, Tablets, Laptops…. and more. I have used the website and checked a couple old phones  and found I could get $28.00 and get them safely gone!

Usually, I would have to wait until the city had an Electronics turn in day. That is where you can turn in electronics which are not supposed to be put in the regular garbage.

Instead, I will be packing up my phones, looking for that old Kindle (sell them that too).

If you are an artist, have a way of creating beautiful things, you can sell those on a website Etsy has over 40 categories, including edibles, gifts, even clothes. If you can make something, check them out with thousands of listings.

You may have other items to sell, E-Bay, Craigslist, local ads are all places to sell. A word of caution,

Craigslist has some bad actors at times, Use caution. E-bay, you have to watch the fees, could eat your profit. I have used both places and not had any problem.


How to make money with a blog

You can start a blog, writing about anything you want. Whatever your passion should be, turn it into a niche and you should be able to make money. Hell, you will make money. When and how much? If I could answer that question, I would have won the big lottery and be someplace other that working on my blog.

Back to the niche, you have an interest, the one that you know everything about, your friends come to you with questions for you about this passion of yours. Trouble is most passions are too broad. As in, automobiles. Narrow down to Ford to mustangs or even to certain years.

When properly narrowed you will be speaking to a specific section of the searchers out there. You will become an authority that will sought out by mustang lovers everywhere. You will be getting money from the affiliate links you have and from Adsense ads on your blog.


Affiliate links are the links provided by the stores/sites online that sell items your readers might buy, readers click these ads and are sent to the sites.

They make a purchase and Bingo, you get commission.

You will need a domain name, usually has something to do with your niche. You will usually find this at the platform where you write your blog and have it hosted. Could be ads for car polish to new custom wheels and beyond.

If you know nothing about this, as I did just a few short years ago, you should get training, just as you would with anything and probably had to do in you working life.

As you can imagine, this can take some time. You want the best possible training.

There will be a lot of places that promise you, everyone, the world. That you will be sitting in a new Bugatti within the month and money being deposited into you bank so fast, they keep calling you! These people don’t know training.

Where did I go, where am I still Wealthy Affiliate University What does all this cost.

Well How About A Free Trial

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