Pampered Chef Scam or Misunderstood?

The budget is strained, money never lasts until the end of the month. You are crimped for time, no way to get a second job. You like Pampered Chef, even though you couldn’t swing some now. Maybe you can make some extra cash with Pampered Chef, shouldn’t take much time, will it? Maybe get some discounts on Pampered Chef great products. How much money can I make selling Pampered Chef?

Pampered chef logo

Pampered Chef Logo

We will answer these questions, probably raise more and see if and what it will take, making money selling Pampered Chef.


Founded: 1980 in River Forest IL. Founder: Doris Christopher Parent: Berkshire Hathaway Serves: United States, Germany and Canada. Type: Multi level marketing (MLM) direct sales Website:

Pampered History

Pampered Chef offers a line of food products, kitchen tools and Pampered Chef cookbooks, for preparing food. And some products for help in transporting their kitchen and gardening tools. The company is headquartered in Addison, IL.

Pampered Chef got its start in the basement of Doris Christopher, in Chicago. The company started sell to housewives on the party plan, a concept first used by Tupperware.  The company expanded to Canada in 1996, the UK in 1999 and Germany in 2000.

Berkshire Hathaway acquired Pampered Chef in 2002.

The company closed its UK business in December 2015.

What do you get?

If you should decide to join up, become a Pampered Chef consultant you will purchase you business kit. These are available in three different levels.

Pampered Chef Business Kits

Judging from the prices of these kits and the retail values, you can make some money at Pampered Chef.

What can you, how do you, make money with the Pampered Chef compensation plan?

Earning Potential Pampered ChefStarting out as a consultant,

basic materials from your kit. You start on your new adventure, from the screen shot above, what do you want? will it be “some fun money” or maybe “achieve a specific financial goal”, whatever you choose this gives you an idea of possibilities.

Selling first to family and friends is generally easier and gives you some practice, before hitting the real world. Bigger earning come from helping others to succeed. Bringing others into the fold. This means you will earn on their sales, increasing your income. —advancing through the 5 consultant career levels from Pampered Chef Consultant to National Executive Director.

You can also opt for a Pampered Chef website, the cost of this is $10.00 per month. This will be a replicated site, that you cannot change or alter. This means the website is exactly like every other consultants. The way to use this site, in my opinion, you should drive your customers to use your site to order. Having a website does not mean you can sit back and a thousand of people will find you each day.

The website is user-friendly, well laid out and easily navigable. But still not being able to personalize is wrong.

You can get a free website/blog and customize as you wish. You also get training to do all this.


Sales training is given to all consultants with Pampered Chef, which helps with their personal and professional development. Also, helping them gain an understanding of network marketing.


You may become wealthy with this platform, provided you do well. The website gives you the opportunity to become better, also to inspire others to do the same.  Earn commissions and bonuses by leading a team, build a team by attracting leaders, becoming a leader. The keys to success will be to find a way to build a list by attraction, building a relationship, and monetizing. Making money from the list, whether they sign up or not.

Pampered Chef offers consultants a lot of options to run home gatherings. The approaches are diverse and inventive plans that will suit any type of style showing of products.

One such style is the “station to station” where guests will move, mingling from each station to next, trying products and preparing each step of the recipe.

You can become a chef in your own home, cooking from the recipes provided on the platform. Where you can find tools, techniques and support from chef consultants. You can receive training and skills to become a chef consultant yourself.



– The product, a high quality product. – The website, easily navigable, user-friendly and only $10.00 a month. – The training offered, much more than most MLM are doing. The training sets you up to be a better business owner and leader.


– The website, although a good site, each consultant should be able to customize at least to a small degree. – Time, the amount of time it will take to assemble a good down line, trainable down line. Many who are attracted to this type of business won’t want to work!

Or Maybe A more Lucrative Option  Business Opportunity Vasayo


From what I have seen putting this together, is that Pampered Chef is not running a scam. But an opportunity for growth and financial rewards. The, but scuttlebutt out there in web-land is just that. Surely those sound are coming from people that failed/did not try this or possible many programs or MLMs. These are the same people that will fail in anything and everything. Maybe because they don’t know what they want. Or maybe they know that but not how to get it. Try Working.

I would recommend Pampered Chef to anyone that wants to work towards a goal and is not afraid to speak to people, and lastly can actually hold their head up. (instead of buried to phone)

Of course this goes for anyone in any job or business operation.

Pampered Chef does offer options of doing a little or doing a lot.

What I Recommend, My #1 pick:

My number one pick is Wealthy Affiliate University. They will give you two websites and hosting and training making and monetize. This is all for the tidy sum of ZERO.

There is a Premium Membership available (aha up sell) you do not have to become a premium member. You can remain a Free Member for as long as you like, still having the sites and hosting. Everyone starts as a free member.

Thank you for taking time from your day. Leave a comment or question or criticism below. I will respond in a timely manner.

Proven process + all the tools = business success

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