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Read This Before Starting Anything.!!  Would you like to get started making money online? Maybe getting started with affiliate marketing, would be what your thinking. Getting started online is not as hard as it may seem

Well… I know it’s possible for one. In my opinion with the right applications and the winning attitude, we can all earn a good living doing what we have a passion for.
So… how can I do it right

How can I identify my passion?

How will you be using your passion for earning money?
These are the basic issues I’ve been asking myself for a long time.

If you need a good job, then my prediction is you have been questioning these same concerns  yourself also.

For many years, I’ve always thought that taking pictures, authoring, traveling and browsing were just pastimes, and in my craziest dreams, I never thought that I would certainly be capable of turning my pastimes into a profession.

Start with asking a few important questions:

• If money wasn’t a problem, how would you react using your free time?

• What exactly are your hobbies and interests?

• What do others say about you’re good at?

• Which capabilities do you think will benefit others?

• How could your passion help you in consolidating debt?

Let’s dive deep and find out the answers:

Rely on Yourself

One important thing which always kept me down was that “I’m not really good enough.” I’d see how others were preferable than me and it looked they got more practical experience or more expertise.

I noticed it was just a solution for me to stay away from the thought of losing at something I really love.

If I never worked with, then I could usually keep them as a pastime, which is the risk-free option.

Once I certainly started trusting myself and made a choice to invest my spare time and strength into developing a business following my passions, I knew very well I personally wouldn’t have the ability to get it done alone.

I simply started taking courses in digital photography, authoring, and business.

Have Positivity

It’s quite normal for triumphant people to pay attention to a lot of inspirational material and encompass themselves with other thriving people who are looking to do all the same things.

Establishing your business by considering your passion will be a lot challenging if you don’t get help and encircle yourself with impressive people who believe that what you’re doing is quite possible.

To become successful, you have to make a positive attitude to make it a high priority to do stuff that can keep your tones lifted.

You’ll especially wish this over the hard times you face while developing your business.


Persistence is not

Persistence isn’t using the same tactics over and over. Persistence is having the same goal over and over

Think Big

“Every big fantasy starts with a dreamer. Always keep in mind that you’ve got your ability, the tolerance, and the enthusiasm to reach all the stars to change the entire world.” – Harriet

It’s already been rather less than a year since I have made a decision to put my spirit into this effort, although it wasn’t that simple, I’ve finally understood I have got something precious to give the world.

Despite the fact that I’ve to tolerate for when I am
being rejected, I’ve also applauded many achievements.

A couple of weeks back, I got a message from National Geographic Channel. Up to this time, I never got a word back about my story which I had emailed to them five months earlier.

One email notified me they were interested in my story for the particular magazine.

I learned that having positive responses from magazine publishers could take time, and even though my story is best suited which they just can’t help it become fit into their future magazines.

I was told that at the moment it wouldn’t work with a feature, however, they preferred me to write a short article about it. Naturally, I was excited! To be honest, I still am.

I hit the stars, after a coach of mine advised me it was not easy to get into a magazine of this quality, and I was happily amazed at the result.

This just proves that we have to overlook the negative people out there in our lives. Just listen to your spirit instead!

How Do You Make Something Much Better?

Once again, let’s assume that your passion is playing the acoustic guitar. What gap do you fill in that market?

As an example, if you can easily fix acoustic guitars and understand that there isn’t a repair center elsewhere around, that may be a home business opportunity.

Also, you have to ask yourself how you can make this industry far better?

Is this the real opportunity where your real business mindset will set free?

Let’s assume that your passion is cooking food. What exactly those things are which can make your meals special? What makes them a lot better than the other chefs in town?

Possibly it’s due to the fact you don’t use anything but fresh ingredients and choose the lean meats yourself every day.

That’s undoubtedly more inviting for patrons than heading to a takeaway food restaurants.

Sit back and think about a number of different ways that you can easily earn a living off your passion. This may contain:

• Selling product, for example, diamond jewelry, outfits or home furniture, on the internet or in a local store.

• Discussing your expertise about your interest in blogs, writing publications or recording videos. With affiliate marketing links, advertisers and site visitors, you can make a good living.

As an example, the son and father of EvanTubeHD merged their passion for video and playthings into a channel which reviews toys and games. They are now making a lot more than $1.4 million.

not giving up starting over

I am not giving up, starting over


• Giving tips as an expert in everything from sales to horticulture.

• Becoming a great entrepreneur in a proven fact that you’re ready to help financially.

• Making a device or software program which makes life a lot easier for people. For instance, if you were an acoustic guitar teacher, is there an application to teach students or an innovative type of tuner which could create tuning the acoustic guitar easier for starters?

• Creating an event about your passion, like a seminar or community conferences.

• Finding solutions to protect or keep things which people love, just like a modification or tailor service for fashion enthusiasts.

Don’t Be An Over Exaggerated

When you have some type of expertise or knowledge to provide, there’s always space for you to study and grow. As an example, the acoustic guitar repair center proprietor may have learned to fix acoustic guitars, but still, has to work on fixing various guitars.

Don’t wait to launch your small business until after you’ve learned that art. You can carry on to refine your expertise all along your quest.

The more you wait, the higher chance that someone will come and start benefiting from the same passion you have.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Setting up your business needs you to move outside of the comfort zone every once in a while.

Perhaps you have a fear of speaking in public. You’ll have to get over that when making an educational video on YouTube.

My close friend Gasiorek always explains to me about:

“Finding techniques which cannot just help you to get away from your comfort zone but also focus on bettering your weak points. You don’t have to be a legend.

Just acquainted enough in that part to make sure that you’re practical and can provide what people want and need.”

It’s Just More Than a Passion

Passion is a good starting point when considering minimum wage help, but don’t let that passion make you sightless from truth.

Question yourself if you’re ready to make an effort and if there’s an industry for you to exploit.

Even though it’s just discussing a few of the matters from regular customers in your favorite café or pub, their opinions can be important.

Be sure that you’re in fact good at what you perform. Your passion is playing the acoustic guitar, but do you think that you are competent enough to provide coaching or fix the guitar when it’s damaged?

Plus, don’t neglect that being an entrepreneur, you’ll be liable for paying your bills, invoicing shoppers, reporting income taxes and marketing your company.

Do you think you’re ” up ” for all those jobs?

In A Nutshell

A profession is a box, almost nothing more. A standard structure of your passion pushes you to invest in your profession while taking classes in college or school and then get a specialization for it.

You would face many hurdles in making money from your passion. At some point, you could be frustrated. Before leaving everything incomplete, think about your approach,  is it capable of taking to you goal?

Does it need to be adjusted or maybe just a little harder push?

Here is a Link to a book I enjoy:

MINDSET: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success In Life (Mindset, Mindset Techniques, Positive Mindset, Success Mindset, Self Help, Motivation)

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14 responses to “Getting Started”

  1. David says:

    Hi James,

    Yes, getting started is the hardest bit of a new challenge.

    Sometimes I would be in research mode and never get out of the research stage.

    I read somewhere that the mind-set technique to overcome this particular trait is a simple and effective one.

    With what you know now, what can you do now?

    Of course it does assume that you know enough to actually start.

    Then once you have started, it is easier to keep going.

    There is a saying about taking the first step is always the hardest.

    How do you do the first step so that you are on the road, so to speak?

    Kind Regards,

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you for the comment David. Perplexing that something that sounds so simple can cause so much anxiety in so many.

      My father used to say “Get off your ass and get it done” 

  2. Michael says:

    I enjoyed reading your article in how to start making money online. One thing I’ve read over and over is having the right mindset when you enter into this business.

    Things like you said being positive, trying to help people, and nooner exaggerating all are important.

    I would also add never give up and just keep trying until you succeed.

    • james hilton says:

      Yes, you need to be positive when moving out/post on your own.

      Helping people is the best why to move forward.

      Thanks you for the comment

  3. Fadi says:

    thanks for a very informative post. I like your section about rely on yourself. I believe many people fail because they have what is called mysticism, which is blaming outside influences on their failures. If you need to succeed in anything you have to take 100% responsibility and rely on one person only, and that is you. Excellent post, thanks!

  4. Brandon says:

    I like your ideas here, a LOT. Being persistent is what has helped me reach a level of success. Before I began my money making journey online I was all over the place, jumping from system to system and never getting anywhere. It wasn’t until I started Wealthy Affiliate, with the help of the community and training I began seeing success and it just keeps on coming. Thanks for the great article.

    • James says:

      Than you for the comment.. People have to stop and really think about what they are doing. As you did.
      They are swayed by the big promises, which you do not see at Wealthy Affiliate. Just the promise of an

  5. Jeremy Hood says:

    These are some great tips on getting started making money with your passion.

    I really like your Think Big section, that is awesome that you were contacted by National Geographic!

    Positivity is key as well like you said. Sometimes at work I notice when I’m in a rut it is because I have allowed other’s negativity to rub off on me.

    • James says:

      Thanks for the comment. hard to stop other negativity from causing a rut. Always think positive and remember we are here to help.

  6. roamy says:

    Hello James
    Like many people out there,I’m looking for ways to make extra income online, what with living cost going up and salaries never increasing.
    My google search brought me to your site on how to get started making money online.Thanks, you have explained things so well and in a very easy way to understand and follow.
    You mention that I might profit more if I started a website on something I’m passionate about, what if I’m not passionate about anything or maybe passionate about it but do not know about the particular thing enough to start a website about.
    What I mean is, I’m getting worried I might run out of things to write about, what then?

    • James says:

      Thank you for the comment. Research is a great way to spark writing ideas. I will check other websites and read books. Not copy, but get ideas. You can promote WA here you will learn a lot. Lots of ideas for content. I believe everyone has a passion, even though they may not realize it. Again, Thank you for the comment, you know you can reach me here, if you need further clarification.

      I wish you success.

  7. Gina says:

    Hey there!

    You bring up some really important questions to ask yourself before taking the leap of faith and changing your life. I think many people get stuck in ruts they can’t get out of simply because of lack of confidence or faith in themselves. POSITIVITY is everything. I have recently learned this when I discovered “Law of Attraction”
    I try to live by this every day and in every step forward in my internet world.
    Thanks for the inspiring read
    Feel free to check out my website and comment below:

    • admin says:

      checked your wonderful website/blog. learned a lot reading. will be trying a couple products, I’m sure. Keep doing what your doing.

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