Here is a Quick way to Save Money – Ebates/Rakuten

Here is a Quick way to Save Money – Ebates/Rakuten

Ebates, does it work? Can I make money with Ebates? You ask. But you surely can, save money and earn money as well. And it is all free, open an account go over the rules and procedures. Before you know, you will be gathering up Ebates rebates.*****ATTENTION: EBATES IS NOW RAKUTEN.*****

Ebates/ scam, I don’t see that at all. I have seen several online Ebates complaints, but can also see where these complaints could have been caused by members not understanding what has to be done to get your ebate. It is not difficult.

But make a mistake, don’t follow procedure, no ebate.

With over 2000 stores to chose from, that should be your biggest problem. As you will see, the procedure to get the rebates is simple.


Just where did this Ebates come from? Ebates is an American cashback site. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Ebates money comes from affiliate network links.

Ebates got its start in Menlo Park, CA by 2 former deputy district attorneys. Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman are the founders. Funded by venture capital firm, Foundation Capital., Ebates official site, launched on May 3rd, 1999.

In 2011 Ebates acquire and FatWallet and later merged to form new company Performance Marketing Brands.

In September 2014 Ebates was acquired by Rakuten, Inc for 1 Billion dollars.

Picture of Ebates logo

Ebates Logo

In 2016 Ebates acquired mobile product discovery app Shopular.

In 2017 Ebate acquired Cartera Commerce. Also in 2017 Ebates acquired Shopstyle and Cosmic Cart from Popsugar Inc.

How Does Rakuten Work?

I have been a member of Ebates/Rakuten since 11/12. I have never had a problem getting paid. Don’t not buy a lot online, and quite frankly I forget about Ebates sometimes. That is my wrong and not Ebates of course.

When you become a member with Ebates/Rakuten, you will be shown how it works. Basically you must link to the site you want to buy from through Ebates. Open a ticket is what is called.

What I and many also do, is shop the site I want to buy from, decide on what I want to purchase. Then go to Ebates/Rakuten and open the ticket. CAUTION. When you are doing your before Ebates shopping, DO NOT put anything in the shopping cart. If there are items in the shopping car when you open the ticket, there will be no Ebate/Rakuten.

This is because the online store will not pay Ebates/Rakuten for sales they did not produce. Item in your cart before the Ebates ticket, void the sale for Ebates/Rakuten and for your ebate. This is an unfortunate circumstance, I did this and learned. Now you can learn and not lose you money! That’s a good thing, right?

Also be very careful to read all the coupon or ads because there can be exclusions. Different percentages back on different items. Are you ready to open your Ebates/Rakuten account? OK wait till later.

Now you can also use Ebates/Rakuten “in store”, how about that, can it get anymore convient? OK well maybe. With the in store cash back you will have to have a credit card and link it to the offer you are looking for before the buying the item.

Searching the store for the item you want is the fastest way to be sure it is available.


There is another opportunity to get money from Ebates/Rakuten, become an affiliate for Ebates/Rakuten. Get others to join Ebates/Rakten and they will reward you. As well as reward to person you refer. Click on the button and you will understand. If you want to become a member, that is.


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

About the referral program Ebates/Rakuten States: Ebate/Rakuten will pay you for every new member you refer to our site who then shops and makes a purchase at one of our partner merchants sites in accordance with the referral terms set forth.

While we love them too, pets and children do not qualify. Nor do referrals to friends or housemates who do not do their own shopping via their own account on

Solo Build It!



Not everything has a rebate at Ebates/Rakuten official website, some are coupons or coupon codes. Read carefully.

The Big Fat Check doesn’t come very fast, maybe because it is fat? Don’t know. Quarterly seems too long. Something should be done, possibly direct deposits into bank accounts. Possible every 2 or 3months, Ebates will need time for the stores to pay them.   They will deposit into your PayPal account.

Ebates/Rakuten can cancel your cashback if a store does not pay them. If a member has made a good faith purchase and dotted I and crossed ts, I think the company should stand up and make it right. Christ, how much money can we be talking here? Even when there are a thousands of complaints. (my opinion)


This is really easy and requires very little if any risk at all.

Do what they say and they will send you money. Maybe not as fast as we would like.

Ebates is offering a legit service for those needing or wanting to save money. And it does not cost a dime.

The referral system where you can earn money is very easy to use.


My conclusion. This Ebates/Rakuten is a great thing. You will not be able to make money to replace a part-time, let alone a full time income. But some extra money is usually welcome. I think it is easy to use, when you get used to the procedures.

This is set up on an affiliate platform, a very way to make money. There is a way to start an affiliate business of your own. Start for free, get training and build a website, like the one you are on right now.

Does this sound like something you might like to check out? You could even go at it slowly, there are no time limits. You join as a free member.

This entitles you to two websites and training and hosting…. A better deal cannot be found. You can do this and still use Ebates/, for instance I do.

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