Is The Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

Is The Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

I have read stuff, articles, posts on blogs looking for the answer to the question. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam. I have checked training, hosting, membership prices and benefits.

I have checked keyword tools and Word Press and still can’t find anyone that thinks this is a scam, no one to offer any proof of dishonesty or scam behavior.

So first, what I would like, is that if anyone has proof of this company scamming or cheating people, please get in touch.

Leave the information or your contact information in the comment section below, I will contact you.

What I found on my Search and my Dealings with Wealthy Affiliate

What is the Wealthy Affiliate training for? The training takes you from being a “newbie” possibly with no knowledge of building a website or a blog. What to or where to get a domain name.

The importance of a domain name. To someone with a website or a blog, e-commerce sites. Will teach you all about what you need to know to accomplish your goals.

There are 4 modules of training: Online Entrereneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, Classrooms and Training HQ.

The Online Certification training is a 5 phase, 50 lesson series of courses, that will lead you through the process of creating and growing, your site, your business In any niche you want.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a 7 phase, 70 lessons that will take you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche in the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Then there are class rooms 12 of them Ranging from getting started, Authoring and Writing Content, Keyword and Niche Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing. And 7 more. The Classrooms all have varying # of courses and tutorials, some have webinars as well.

The senior members are very active in helping anyone. There is also a chatroom that is very active, members ask questions in the chat daily.

There is also a Search above the site that is for asking questions. Ask a question and the pertinent training appear. Choose on and you have your answer.

Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Don’t see it so far!

I believe that this amount of training is sufficient and would set up anyone, who applied the lessons, for success.

But I will not say it is easy, it is difficult, you never let that stop you, did you?

Do you agree, that his training is very complete?

One of the keys is to follow the training in order, not doing so leads to frustration, each lesson builds off of the previous lesson.

What is a niche?

Online Business TrainingA niche is a subset of a larger market, which has its own particular needs. Your chances of success could be hampered by a poor choice of a niche. If you pick too large of a niche the competition will be bigger, harder to make that sale, get that payday.

To help you with this, #1 identify your passions and interests, #2 Identify problems you can solve, #3 Research competition and test, test.

You will always do better solving someones problem, then just try to sell them something.

That was simple, right?

This is how you make money with a blog, pick a niche market you are passionate about, or love at least. Build your site, pick the right theme. Write content, write content. NOW, of course there are many other things, but this gives you an idea.

But I need to Pay the Rent!!

I hear people all the time, saying I can’t believe this is happening to me, and probably more times, why am I not making money yet?

The members that are worried they aren’t making it, are generally the ones that have not “worked” on their business. Not following training or starting multiple websites at the same time are two of the biggest causes of failure.

Their choices of content are also often poor and they spent too much time applying for affiliates Some won’t want you unless you have traffic to your site.

The truth of the matter is that very few members make money before one year, some not for two years or longer and do you know why? Generally people are doing the business on a part-time basis. Doing anything on a part-time basis, will take you longer to master. I came into this in a September, convinced that by December I would be making tens of thousands of dollars a month. This was going to be a cakewalk – Bang Reality Check!

Of course, I had an income, I could pay my bills, this is what everyone that starts at Wealthy Affiliate should have. Having that will also ease your mind about wanting it now!! You don’t need it to pay everyday expenses.

Not an easy thing just starting out. I know because I did most of these things when I started, set me back, but not out.! I went back and followed the training the way I should have in the first place. Things are looking good now. Here are some hard-working fellows now!

Hard Working

Did Someone Say Keyword?

What is a keyword? An informative word or phrase (long-tailed keyword) used in informational retrieval system (search engine) to indicate content of a document (blog post). The keyword id very important in the affiliate online marketing business. It is the what that your blog gets up and center on google. Position one, page one is what everybody shoots for. Choosing the right keywords is one of the keys.

How do you do that, you ask.

Jaaxy, that is how. Jaaxy keyword tool. Jaaxy is a premium keyword tool. How does it work, I know you didn’t ask, but I am going to tell you.


Still no Wealthy Affiliate scam yet. You agree?

You just type in a word or phrase, hit enter. Numbers come up, what are those about.?

Left to right

Monthly searched # of searches for that keyword.

Traffic number of “clicks” on that keyword if your one page on near top at least.

QSR quoted search results, The number of pages competing with the exact keyword.

KQI- keyword quality index Simply the quality of the keyword.

SEO Search engine optimization measures how good a candidate for SEO.

There will also be a list of related keyword phrases and their scores, so you can pick another or two.

The numbers that come up help you determine whether to take of leave a certain long-tailed keyword. Long tailed is the term most used for a keyword phrase. These are used a lot now, most people search with a phrase. That is what keywords are for, to guess what your reader, potential reader will type into that search.

What Else Do I Get?

Here is a visual, listing the free member (7 day) and the premium member benefits.

When you are seeking an online business, there are hundreds, if not thousands out there. But very,very few that are legit. And this one I discovered is Wealthy Affiliate, with a community of unbelievable people, from all over the world. Everyone of them willing to help whom ever asks for help. The only way you should feel stuck here is because you are looking in the wrong place for the answer. The community will set you straight.

This is a great place, fair, lots of great people, hosting, WordPress themes, plugins. Training that is the best I have ever seen. I have done some training.

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

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