LifePoints Survey-Wasn’t this Just MySurvey?

LifePoints Survey-Wasn’t this Just MySurvey?

LifePoints is a website created by merging two well-known survey sites, MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket and it is run by Lightspeed.  Who claims they are the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis.

LifePoints was created to enable consumers to share our views and opinions on products and services we love and use

What is LifePoints Surveys?

LifePoints Survey  is part of Lightspeed, both owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups.

Lightspeed was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, United States.

The company operates in North America, Europe and Asia. It provides global online market research services. Specializing in using the Internet as a data collection platform, providing research through building and maintaining panels subject to quality and representative sampling standards.

Specialty panels range across industry sectors such as financial services, health care, business-to-business, automotive, family and more. Lightspeed also provides custom panels to address specific client needs. In 2007, it conducted over 20 million online surveys for clients.

LifePoints Survey Site

LifePoints Survey Site

Online surveys are part of the broader family of self-administered surveys as opposed to administered surveys such as face to face or telephone. By taking the time to give your opinion, you are providing input for the development of a product or service.

The quality of an online survey depends on the reliability of the information you provide and how often you update your profile.

The information collected from surveys reaches clients but will always conceal individual identity.

Survey results are aggregated by combining responses with those provided by other participants who have also completed the online survey.

This data is stored in a database that can be analyzed by our clients, but personal data will never be revealed, sold or traded. Review {with Member Comments}


Survey invitations are sent out by email to LifePoints survey members and can be taken any time during the survey period.

The number of surveys invites members receive during the month usually depends on the types of surveys that are being conducted and how suitable members are for each survey. Each completed survey will always allow you to collect LifePoints.

Occasionally, diaries will be sent out where members will record specific behavior or habits for the amount of time that’s being asked

Other times, products will be mailed to members’ home address for product testing and will then be prompted with questions about the product.

As a LifePoints member, you will be able to respond to surveys covering health, sport, travel and any other aspect of your daily life.

All LifePoints surveys are conducted online, and you are free to decide whether or not to participate in them.

LifePoints Survey site

LifePoints Survey site screenshot Blog Posts


By taking surveys, testing products and participating in data collection and research, it helps these producers understand better, what people like, dislike and desire about their products and services

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And this, in turn, will help shape these products and services to make them more beneficial to the masses.

Some of the Innovations that are inspired by the members of LifePoints includes airbags, anti lock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and baby and toddler safety car seats. among others.

Please Note: When you join ANY survey site or any site similar (reward sites)


LifePoints Membership Terms and Conditions

LifePoints Panel Privacy Policy

Here are links to these important documents. Read and if as a result, you disagree, don’t sign up.

LifePoints Survey Rewards Program Terms

Seems to me, many of the bad press and comments the survey and reward sites get is due to an ignorance on the part of members. Not understanding what is expected of them. Probably mixed with a dose of unrealistic expectations.

LifePoints Survey FAQ

LifePoints Survey FAQ

Because, questions will come up FAQ is your first stop. No answer there, then contact support.

Join LifePoints Survey

Signing up: to get started with LifePoints, you will have to register with your basic details like; Your name, email address, make a password and continue.


That takes you to a new page, where you will be asked to agree with their terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and other data collection processes. BE SURE you have read them.

You will be sent a confirmation email which you are expected to click on the link included and your membership/ account will be fully activated

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Once you sign in to your member area, you will be asked to fill your profile. It is essential that you take time to do this, as it will help them know what surveys to send across to you and also increase your chances of having more surveys

Completing Your Profile: this is another way to earn some extra points to boost your income on LifePoints Survey, as you will get an additional 10 points once you successfully complete your profile

LifePoints Surveys: this is the main way to earn points on LifePoints, and these points vary depending on the length of the survey.

They usually range between 5 minutes to about 15 minutes or more, but the most I have been sent were not more than 15 minutes and not less than 6 minutes. Within this period, I have been qualified for just about two of these surveys and no where near cashing out.

Just as the length varies, so does the amount you will earn but this can be between 10 to 75 points, the most I have seen so far.

And for every survey you are unable to complete or disqualified from, you get compensation of 2 points.

Dairies and Product testing: even though they claim these are some other ways you can earn points, for the period I have been using the site, I haven’t seen anything about it on site. Therefore,  I really don’t know if you can earn points with these or how much you can earn.

Earn rewards for your online activity


You don’t need any special skills to complete the activities within LifePoints. If you can share your thoughts and fill out the online survey, then you’re good to go!


LifePoints Survey

LifePoints Survey


Different payment types are: Gift cards, eGift cards, Donations, PayPal and Nectar.

Payment Threshold

Once you reach 5,500 points, you may redeem, about $5.00

You can choose from any of the categories listed above.  Gift cards and PayPal,  takes about 5 to 10 working days to receive,  4 to 6 weeks for physical gift cards.

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A Few Comments For LifePoints Survey

Not a good site”

June 06, 2019 by Rosemary from United States

I was with this survey site for at least 3 years when it was Global Test Market it changed to Life Points and it went downhill from there.   I cant log in so I message support and tell them for some reason I cant log in.

They message back about 5 days later and they say my account has been unsubscribed I didn’t do it and I told them I never unsubscribed. My choice was to make a new account with a new password. I told them no thanks and I signed up with Swagbucks.

“Account cancelled.”

June 05, 2019 by Lisa from Australia


They responded with a much more helpful response when I threatened to contact their CEO.
Well they got me too! I tried to log in only to get an error message “your membership has been cancelled”.

So I emailed them and got a reply the next day saying “its all good, its all ok, we’ve resolved your problem!

It was you who cancelled your account silly! So nothing to be done. No more account”.
I had over $30 worth of points in there.

So far no response to my quite frustrated and angry “why, for the love of pete, would I cancel my own account without cashing out first? And then attempt to sign in the next day?”

Their CEO is Caroline Frankum.  Perhaps if enough of us bomb her social media accounts,(LinkedIn and Twitter) that I’ve found so far.

With irate messages demanding our hard earned money, something might be done about it?


LifePoints Survey

LifePoints survey site community


“Faulty Advertising”

June 02, 2019 by Amanda from Canada

Two half decent survey sites merged to make one terrible site. Ever since Lifepoints came into existence, they have posted one value for a survey but upon completion you only receive half the amount, ie you click on a survey that says 90 points, you complete it and it gives your 45 points.

Finish a survey and it tells you you’ve screened out,  you only get 2 points.

But that’s not why I’m on here leaving my beef. I have routinely done month long purchasing diaries on many survey sites.

Completed the month, no points. Put an IT ticket in, it’s been over a month and still no closure with them. Do not waste your time.

“low paying surveys but always pay”

June 01, 2019 by currie from Canada

I’ve been with them for years , never have any issues for payment …. but the value of their points do get lower every time when they have any change . And for customer service , I do find they respond timely.


This is not a scam, as they do offer you genuine surveys to be taken for points, and they will always let you know the amount you will make for each one if you successfully complete it.

I think the question you need to ask yourself is if it is worth your time and effort? Because from my experience, it wasn’t worth mine, given the motives I have for my search for extra income.

If all you want is, and you love giving your opinion, then you may want to give it a go.

Rather, like me and you want to make something substantial, to supplement an income or you want to build a business online, to creating passive income streams, then I suggest you don’t waste time on surveys.

Furthermore, there is a better way. A site where you will get free training. A free membership and two free websites. Because this is their way of showing  you how to build your own business.

Certainly, not an easy thing to do, like answering surveys. But not as hard as you may think. There is the best training and here, even more, a ton of help.

So come on in, sign up for that free membership and see what everyone is talking about.. tell them I sent you.