Review {with Member Comments} Review {with Member Comments} is a rewards’ website, perform tasks and receive rewards’, points. There are a slew of thing that you can do to earn some points. Surveys, Shopping, Donating, Games, watching Videos. What you may have been doing outside of MyPoints will likely gain you points inside MyPoints.

We will explain more about these different activities.

Do you have a account yet? Is this website a scam or sub-standard? These questions we will be answering.

What is MyPoints

MyPoints is owned by ProdegeLLC, who also owns Swagbucks. If you, are familiar with Swagbucks, you may notice some similar things here at MyPoints. If you, are interested in reading My Review of Swagbucks you may click the link.

First off, registering, opening an account is super easy. Join Now button, at the top right, click it and follow the steps. Easy, easy. This is one of the screens you will see when starting out.

MyPoints Rewards Program

Pick where to start, Add My Points to your Browser and it will advise you when there is a point opportunity. You may want to Save money with grocery coupons, Print them out and redeem and earn points.What is MyPoints Suirveys

Don’t forget to complete your profile and earn 10 points and unlock surveys. You may want to earn some points watching videos in many categories.

Online surveys: Complete surveys and earn points. Surveys vary in point values. Approximate time to complete are listed. Surveys are about many subjects.

Personally, I prefer surveys, easy to do in my opinion. Of course shopping is easy as well.

MyPoints Surveys

Shopping is a real winner, shop for whatever you need online and earn points. MyPoints has a wide array of shopping choices.

Be sure to check them out and get what you want and earn some points.

Just today I picked up a few items from a company I have not done business with for a long time. Got 50% off and 5000 points. Sweet Deal.

This deal went through MyPoints site, but you can earn point for what you buy in the store, by uploading the receipt. Check the “Shop In Store” section for eligible products and participating stores.

Watching Videos is another way to earn Points, along with Games to be played.

MyPoints Member Comments

What makes them Happy, what makes them Livid. There are several of each here.

From: Ben in United States “Be Careful”

MyPoints gives a lot of ways to earn points: Watching videos, surveys, single questions, Purchases and more.

But Be Careful, I accidentally clicked the wrong button on a survey, and ended up with my account suspended for two weeks. Along with a letter, advising me that if there was a reoccurrences, my account would be terminated and all Points forfeited.

I have done surveys for years, but I am human and been known to make a mistake here and there. Just seems a drastic response for such a small mistake.

“Could be better”
March 01, 2019, by Sam from United States

My Points does give you interesting ways to make money. The one major problem I have is with their customer service. I have sent give email requests relative to one issue for the last two weeks and have not received a response.

That is just totally unacceptable especially for someone that is very active on their site.

I have revised my review downward to reflect the total lack of professionalism on the part of My Points Customer Service. They owe me a ton of points from several offers to include Save the Children and others where if you agree to donate a certain amount of money then they will provide you points.

I have donated to three or four charities through their website and they refuse to honor their commitment

. When I send in a request for assistance they either ignore it or tell me to provide them proof of my compliance with the offer. When I provide them proof they ignore it and never get back to me.

I have no earthly idea how this corrupt company stays in business operating like this. I am a retired fraud investigator and I urge everyone that uses this site to not expect them to honor their commitments.

On February 28th, 2019,, I see they are offering 7K points for donations to Save the Children.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and donate as you will not get any points. I made several $18.00 donations starting in August 2018, and still haven’t received points. Numerous customer service requests were ignored. Please don’t get taken like I was.

“I Like MyPoints”

July 02, 2018, by Phyllis from United States

I am surprised by all the bad reviews about MyPoints. I have had a different experience than some other posters. My experiences, thus far, have been positive and I recommend.

MyPoints is owned by Swagbucks and is similar although it is definitely a sister site. You will have the same opportunities that you have on Swagbucks.

As with Swagbucks, nCrave has been a problem in the past but this week has become far more user-friendly. Videos are slow earning and have glitches but some of them are paying well.

I seem to have better luck taking surveys on MyPoints than I do on Swagbucks but Peanut Labs does not give you any reward if you do not qualify for the survey so you might end up spending a lot of time and getting nothing.

I cash out when I reach 480 points for a $3 gift card to Amazon and it is instant redemption for an E gift card. Loving the instant and this is one of the real pluses on MyPoints.

And More Comments/Complaints

“Fun surveys and other activities”

July 02, 2018, by Christine from United States

This site doesn’t take long to accrue points and they have so many options for cashing out!

“Good Site “

September 17, 2010, by Sue from United States

The site offers a lot of alternatives to earning points (good for gift cards and all).

Some surveys (mostly OTX); a lot of emails; lots of sites for shopping; extra points if you add their search engine to your PC; does take a while to accumulate pts if you don’t shop, but not bad; they have an involved

(cumbersome at times) accounting system so you can keep track of the status your points — which is a lot better than many sites.

Only complaint is the site is slow – slow to load; slow to credit — but in the end, they’ve always come through.


September 17, 2010, by Karen from United States



“Great Site…A+”

September 17, 2010, by Tiffanie from United States

This Site Doesn’t Pay Cash incentives, but You get gift cards from Places Like Red Lobster, Gap, Old Navy and More.

The Cool thing about this Site is that you get points just for checking E-mails, Doing Surveys, referring friends, Searching for things on their search engine and for shopping.

I Have already redeemed points For a JC Penney & Nine West gift cards.


April 25, 2019, by Sky from United States

I have been a member of my points for a while now. Had an issue with someone gets into my account last year and using my points. Don’t known how that can happen but it did.

Deciding that for all the years I have been with my points I would give them another try. It happened again. Someone got into my account and took all my points again. I sent my points two emails but I have not heard from them. Just beware of if you join known that there is a chance that someone can get into your account and use your points.

I belong to other survey groups and some of them have a few things to make sure that something like this does not happen.

“Good turned BAD”

April 12, 2019, by Sandra from United States

I have been a member for most of the 20+ years they’ve been in business. 1 time I quit but tried it again. It was wonderful at one time. Now I am disqualified from taking surveys.

Monthly goals almost impossible to meet and they owe me 4000 points for Sierra Club 2/27, H&R Block 2/13 free edition 500 points, tax act 1/31 1500 points paid version, coffee mate 450 points from 10 to 31.

Recently I bought magazines but the magazine companies usually pay the points. Perhaps they’re having financial troubles but NOW I’m much more careful in what I do in them.

I usually redeem the points for Amazon gift cards/ BEWARE. It is so aggravating to have to chase them and the points requests go unanswered except with vague replies. If you, buy don’t expect anything back.


My 2 cents

MyPoints is not a scam at all; they offer a platform through which you can acquire points by browsing the internet, watching videos, playing games, filling out surveys, making purchases .

Many use MyPoints to get gift cards and travel miles, although not too many seem to opt for the PayPal transfer method, which is the only one that gives you access to cash.

Although MyPoints appears to be a legit website, it is probably not the most suitable to make money.

Maybe a Better Way?

The platform is not consistent enough to guarantee that you will get the points you deserve. The infinite customer service complaints are evidence of what you will receive, if you try to contact them and, make them respond for whatever is occurring to your account.

Nevertheless, if you want to give MyPoints a try, it will be up to you and how you decide to use it. Just try not to get too anxious if some points go missing, or if you happen not to be able to log in at all.

There are better ways to make money. Particularly if you are looking to leave a job, or supplement retirement. Maybe surveys are not he answer, rather  what you need is something, that would give you residual income down the road.

I mean building an online business. It is as easy as you make it or as hard. But with step by step training anybody can succeed and realize their dreams.

There is a place to do this and I have written a Review. You May Read that Article HERE


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