How about a Little Research on Panda Research

How about a Little Research on Panda Research

Panda Research scam, Panda Research legit?? Which will it be? Depends on who you talk to I suppose. Panda Research is owned by A&A Marketing, they also own and You may have heard of them.

Panda Research survey, located at, is another of the endless parade of survey sites. Where do these keep coming from? They must be a money making enterprise, otherwise why?

When researching this review, I found that A&A Marketing is located in Buffalo Grove IL. First stop would be the better business bureau. I found no listing for Panda Research. But there is a listing for A&A Marketing, they have a score of 2.56 out of 5.

Not really what you would call impressive, but how many people that have been wronged, or feel wronged will actually file a complaint with the BBB?

I believe that would be a small fraction. Don’t you?

About Panda Research

Panda Research came to be in 2005, and it doesn’t look like the site has been updated since. The site is not encrypted and the copy write is good until 2011 (2018 now). Sites you do business with should have a https in the beginning of the domain name.

But these things make me wonder, who is minding the store? User friendly is not what I see here.

Maybe this is just being picky, but if this were your site wouldn’t you take better care?

Getting Onboard Panda Reasearch

Signing up for Panda Research account is pretty straight forward. You have to give up a lot of information. Name, email, phone, address, gender, birth date, income and there must be something else, weight, height?

Well you will get some credit for this, a few dollars will be added to your account after the information is submitted.

From Panda Research Terms and Conditions

“You must be a resident of the United States and be 18 years of age, or more to join. Corporations or other business are not allowed. Member must establish and maintain one account.”

“Members must provide valid and truthful information to Panda Research. This same information must also be given to partners or advertisers when completing offers. Panda Research reserves the right to terminate any account found to contain false information. Resulting in the possible loss of earnings.” And that should be avoided at all costs!

So, what does that mean? Panda and other survey sites use the info you supplied to match with their advertisers, you gave them the right info correct? If you (like me) have more that one email, you must be sure which one. This happened to me once and I did not get credit for the survey.


Tell Me About Panda Research Surveys

You might be offered, hopefully, many surveys. They will be based on the information you gave upon sign up. Demographic is what it is called. Of course in my experience the survey will ask you the same questions at the beginning, a qualifier to make sure you are qualified. Seems like it would not be needed if the surveys are being matched up.

Surveys can pay from 5 cents up to $75, quite a range. When just starting out start with some smaller surveys, just to get your feet wet. You must complete the survey to get credit for it.

This means you must complete the survey to get credit. You must give everything the survey asks for, email (same one) or for you to purchase something, sign up for another survey service, whatever it is, the survey is not complete until you complete the transaction.

You are correct, this means they will offer some surveys, you will spend a lot of time, then find what they are asking is too much, for whatever reason you won’t do what they ask. No credit, but there are worse things.

Panda Research surveys are the same, all survey sites will have surveys like that. The only way to solve this is for Panda to post the price or action needed to complete, so you can see it before you commit. Sounds reasonable?

The subject matter of the surveys will vary Nowidely, from automobiles to politics, technology, cable providers, brand names, restaurants, musical instruments……anything is possible.

The questions in the surveys range from, “who thinks this up” to actually thought-provoking. I have had “fun” doing some surveys, others are drudgery, just like life.

When I was doing surveys I decided to get out when I found myself signed up with 3 survey sites. This is akin to having 3 boy/girlfriends, keeping them all happy is impossible.

I was getting an incredible amount of email, offering new surveys. How did this happen? Completing surveys, to complete some surveys I had to sign up at other survey sites.


And They Will Pay Me?

You really want me to answer this question? OK. Yes they will pay you, if you follow all the procedures.

From Panda Research Terms and Conditions:


“The Panda Research member must: (a) provide and submit their email address and password which has been verified by Panda Research (b) Provide and submit their current mailing address. (c) provide and submit their correct first name. (d) sign-up, get approved for and activate (where applicable) membership, free trial or requirements posted by Panda Research. In some cases incentive for surveys offers will show a viewed status for 6-8 weeks, until we are paid from the advertisers. Minimum payment threshold for payment is $50.00. We pay our members, once you reach the minimum payment, through PayPal only. We do not mail checks to any participants in our survey panel. You can get your own PayPal account at”


“(a) current contact information (b) verified phone number (c) correct and valid PayPal entered in account (d) a minimum of $25.00 approved from offers ( I know, keep reading) (e) a maximum of $25.00 in Panda emails is allowed per payment, any amount over this will accrue in your email treasure chest. And will be eligible for future payment requests.”

Yes I noticed the change in the withdraw minimum. In section A.9 it states ” you must have accumulated $50.00 in your account for threshold”. Then in A.10 it calls for $25.00 Approved from offers. Believe myself that you need $50 in account to be paid. It seems to me it was $25 when I was a member about 6 years ago I can’t believe that had not changed.Screenshot Panda Research site

I have seems a lot of people out there in webland, complaining about not getting paid. I don’t recall having trouble with Panda Research, I did have problems with another survey site. Being as long ago, water under the bridge.

I believe most if not all f the no pay complaints are due to lack of communication. Some people not reading what they should and just jumping into the surveys.

Certainly contacting Panda Research customer service or support would rectify the problem.


I see some disturbing items here. The Terms and Conditions contradicts itself and should be fixed. The copyright expired in 2011? Really, who is watching the store?

Payment problems, as I stated are likely the fault of the members, and I invite comment below even if you have a differing opinion.

Overall I would not call Panda Research a scam. You won’t replace a lost income here, but put a few extra dollars in your pocket, who would complain about that? Certainly not me!

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