Project Payday
Cost 34.00 to join
Who is it for: everyone
Score 2 out of 10


Project Payday is one of the “offers” sites., PPD works with incentivized offers. These are the ads you see around the web, for free game consoles or pay pal cards, televisions. all kind of stuff.

To get the free stuff, a certain number of points or credits are needed. These come from the advertisers offers on the website.

The person that wants the free item, looks for someone to complete some offers, for which you are paid. You must follow the referrers link to the site. There you find all kinds of offers to complete.

Each offer, advertiser, has a point or credit value.  Say you need 50 points to get your $35 pay. The offers have different credits, anywhere from 2 to 20 credits to complete and corresponding cost and actions to complete the offer. Also the costs, if any are listed.

Few of the offers will be free. Most will have you incur a cost. You will need to figure out what your cost to get your needed points or credit. If your getting $35 to complete, you don’t want to spend $50 to reach your goal.

This means you sign up for an offer and pay shipping, usually. Other offers, will need more info, possible your credit card info. You may be forced to purchase products to complete offers.

There is a method 2 inside PPD, that is becoming a referrer. I did not get to that level. but the training stated that there was a lot of searching for people to complete offers.

Posting links on social media to draw in new people to complete offers.

The only way I can see you could make money here is to be very detail orientated. You would have to keep a journal of offers and what trial expires when, when to cancel memberships and shipments of automatic purchases.

Otherwise, you will have charge to your credit card and shipments you forgot about.

All in all, I don’t see any good. Income is low and too much personal information and credit card information going quite a few different websites.

Panda Research
Cost Free
Who for: everyone
Score 1 out of 10

Paid Surveys

The most popular and perhaps the simplest to start method for earning additional income for stay at home moms and senior as well is through completing paid surveys.

Perhaps you have a doubt about why would anyone pay you to take a survey?

On the other hand, you should realize that as a client or consumer your opinions are worth thousands of dollars to agencies or companies both small and big.

They want to know you think of their products, both bad and good, so they could enhance it and at the same time improve their sales.

They paid big market research agencies to devise all kinds of surveys, tests as well as focus groups to know how people really feel about their products or services and the products sold by their competitors.

This is where you come in. Being a user or consumer, your opinions are highly valued.

You could earn money through filling out short surveys. Depending on the length and kind of survey you can complete, you can look forward to be paid anywhere from less than a dollar up to possible 100.00.

Payment will depend on the companies that offer this kind of service.

What can and Often Happens

While you are not likely to get wealthy or rich, this could provide you with some needed income on the side. To make the most of your earnings, you can join many diverse survey sites or programs and earn extra cash from each of them.

The best decision that you could make is to join a website that provides a database of survey programs that you could join.

They do charge a small one time free to gain access; on the other hand, you will quickly earn that back after you take first few surveys.

And after that, it is all profit. Some of these web sites will only pay in points or entries in their sweepstakes. Some surveys you will not qualify for.

Usually your profile is not what the company was looking for, possible age, gender or many other reasons. was not qualified, or was disqualified for many reasons.

The work is easy, pay is low and sometimes slow in coming. You must reach a certain earningslevel, usually $20.00 to $50.00 before you are allowed to withdraw your money.

There some surveys that pay high fees, be sure that you are not just completing offers for them.

Most of these will require you to make a purchase, to complete the survey. You only get paid on completed surveys, even if you have to buy something or join some other survey site, that you don’t want. I see very little to set most of the survey sites apart.

Trouble getting Paid?

Pay from these sites can be slow in coming, took me almost three month to get 50.00 I was owed from Panda Research. I never made enough on Vindale to get anything or rather to reach their payment thresholds.

Some other sites pay in points, you can use to get merchandise, others pay in entries to their sweepstakes.

Success with Anthony
Owner:Anthony Morrison
Cost? whatever he wants? Then more!
Who is it for: people that don’t know better?
Score= nada zilch–scam


I found, Success with Anthony from a link in Project Payday website. I went in and signed right up. Mistake one. Watching Then came the sales pitches.

Very slick and convincing. Training downloads and system downloads.

Emails started and not just a few.

Of course we were getting free websites and would need hosting services. Their hosting was way overpriced. At this is where I left. This was a scam, taking anything they could and giving nothing.

This one gets the SCAM rating…… STAY AWAY!!!!





Here is a link to a book I have enjoyed.

The Power of Habits, What we do in Life and Business

Questions and comments are welcome. If you prefer you may message me ..HERE

Wealthy Affiliate Review

19 responses to “Reviews”

  1. Ray Martinez says:

    With so many different things on the web its confuses the crap out of me! This review really puts things in perspective and I appreciate you rating Project payday! Truly feels more like a scam and appreciate your honest review! And those paid surveys have been a waste a time, every time. I would not consider ever again!

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you Ray for the visit.

      Yes, those and others waste so many peoples time and money. And dash their dreams often making them stop looking. Thant is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Dagda says:

    Project pay day initially seems good but thanks to you I know it’s not all it is made out to be. Paid surveys seem simple but there is little return for your efforts. I think there are better ways to make money such as wealthy affiliate.It seems you have had trouble getting paid which is a primary example of trouble on this site.

    • james hilton says:

      Yes both of them fall short of expectations that they themselves create.

      Thank you Dagda for spending part of your day here.

  3. Dave says:

    Thanks for your post. It’s confusing for newbies because we don’t know where to start. There are a lot of scams out there or programs that are just no good. This article helps us to prevent being falling victim by giving us a bit more info. Everyone promises the moon. Every time I look online for an idea to make money I discover something new. I think that making money online is harder than its advertised.

    • james hilton says:

       Creating anything of value is going to be difficult. But getting the right training, focused quality training makes it easier. Knowledge before success. You will find this at Wealthy Affiliate, I did.

      Thank you for the comment, stop back again!

  4. JohnB says:

    After reading through your post I thought that it couldn’t get any worse until I reached “Success with Anthony”. At least paid surveys and completing offers could eventually earn you some cash. Honestly, I would never start competing offers or surveys especially after you mentioning that personal information is required in some of them. Scams are everywhere I suppose. We can not get rid of them.

    • james hilton says:

      I don’t believe scams will ever end. They have been around since some caveman was selling magic rocks to unsuspecting cavemen. 

      Thank you for the observations.

  5. Rupert says:

    I love it when you emphasized your journey from being a FREE member to a Premium member. Indeed it’s almost unheard of in an online learning program to offer a FREE membership and almost all the features are open for you.

    Anyway I can vouch for everything you said in this review. WA is a real deal for anyone who wants to build a successful online business. No hype, no B.S., just pure learning experience. Once inside, the wealth of information will be available and only 1 thing is needed to succeed: Take action to apply what is being taught.

    All the best,


  6. Chris says:

    Hope the income surpasses the investment at Wealthy Affiliate; considering you’re capable of making money when people visit your site, I’m sure it’s possible.

    Good Luck!

  7. Michal says:

    I really love this review and couldn’t agree with you more. Wealthy affiliate is a great opportunity, and I also tried one of the other programs you wrote about there is no way to compare between the two. I wish you good luck with this website! Keep letting the world know about what is scam and what’s worth trying.
    Thank you

  8. Simon says:

    I too joined Wealthy Affiliate as it was free to start, simply to find out what their training was like, how legitimate they are and whether members are supported as they describe.
    The free training offers so much more than most paid for services on the web yet gives you a full insight into how genuine they are.
    I was/am impressed so I joined premium to take my business to the next level to attract visitors into my website.
    Great Review,

  9. JT says:

    Hey James,
    your Wealthy Affiliate journey sounds really interesting. Since you talked about starting an internet business with them, I’m wondering; What types of business or niches are compatible with their training?
    Keep up the good work,

    • admin says:

      thanks for the comment JT! Any niche will do, any business will do, helps if you have passion for whatever you choose.

  10. Jamie says:

    This opportunity is one that, I personally am going to do.

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