New Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

New Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

We will examine this opportunity in our new Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018. We will see if the terrible things are true.

Wealthy Affiliate Owners: Carson and Kyle

Cost: $0.00 for starter, $49.00 month or $365.00 yearly for Premium membership

Who is this for: Anyone willing to work to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Training 2018

There are a lot of training modules inside. Getting started is your first step, then the rest of the Certification training.

This is an excellent way to train. The lessons include a video to help explain or show how to do the lesson being taught. At the end of the lessons you are given tasks to perform, complete the tasks and move onto the next lesson.

Very effective. And all from Wealthy Affiliate University.

The certification course contains 5 levels, each having 10 lessons. This is the beginning training, lots of basic knowledge here, you will need this, we all did and still do.

The training modules are constantly, being updated. So all technology advances and changes are dealt with and you are properly informed and benefit from them.

Video Training

Every week there is a live video training. You can ask questions, make comments via chat during the broadcast. This is a very cool way to learn and network with other members. The topics are announced weekly and generly air Friday nights. This depends on where you live in this great big world.

All the live video training is saved in a library, a very reliable resource.


Are you ready?

The Bootcamp training is 7 phases and with 10 lessons in each. These lessons follow the same blue print as the certification training. Text/Video/Task.

By the end of the Bootcamp, you will have your own business online. A web presence ready to take you to financial freedom. If that is what you were seeking.


Member Training

There is a ton of this training. This training is put out the members, anyone can create a training. The subject matter varies widely. There are no tasks at the end of the member training. This resource is very valuable. If you should ever become “stuck”, you can type your question in the search bar at the top of the page.

This will show you where to go for the answers. The training offered will be from all phases and member training. Often times the information will be contained in members blog posts and using the question feature will show you these as well.

At the end of each training (also member blogs) there is a “comments” section. Make comments there and read comments from other members. These give valuable insight into the meaning of the training or post. Possibly a different way of looking at the situation.


NOTE: The training is designed to be done from beginning to end. No jumping around. Many of us learned the hard way. It will slow down you progress and could lead to lost revenue, or at the very least delayed revenue.

Who Will Wealthy Affiliate Benefit ?

You, me, anyone. Does not matter. You can have no experience with websites or anything to do with marketing.

No mater what country you are in nor what age you be, There are members that are from all around the world and all ages. Even persons that are physically disabled can do this. As, long as they can use a keyboard.

What you really do need is a passion. Something you love to do, could be anything, to find a niche for your website. This would be something you are an authority on. Something that people ask your opinion on.

This also works for retirees needing more, tradesmen, wanting more, students needing to pay loans, shop owners wanting more customers.

So come along one and all, start this wonderful ride to a future you have wanted.

Tools And Other Goodies

SiteRubix where you will build you site. Where comments and feedback are, along with site content, site support and site manager.Site support; is just that, when you run into a problem with your site, you contact them.

These people are nothing short of amazing. They can fix anything. I have made a few mistakes and they have saved me.

Site manager, is where you access your dashboard, what many call the back office. This is where you will access and perform any changes to your site.


Site comments and feedback, comments and feedback from other members is done in this area.

Site content is new and is an exceptional writing platform for all the posts or pages you need.

Site Rubix  Where Websites are Made and More


WordPress, this is where you will be choosing your site themes. They have a bunch, you will choose from about 1500 themes. You will also get your plug ins from wordpress.


Jaaxy (where did that name come from?) is a premium keyword and niche research tool. Easy to use, accurate, what else could you want. You can try Jaaxy out right here, type in a word or words.

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no better opportunity on the web than here. Get websites, hosting, training, help from millionaires for such a reasonable amount.

Learn internet marketing, build your own niche website. Sell your own products, do drop shipping. There are people here that are doing that, and more, they will be more than happy to help, if needed. Your internet business can be anything you want, it is best that it be something you love to do.

You may come to make money and stay for the community. That is amazing. Something else to consider:


Here are, your options. Yes, Virginia, there is a free membership. A premium membership as well.

I generally suggest the starter membership, sign up no obligation, see what is offered. Ask questions. Build a website follow the training, it leads where you want to go.

You don’t have to concern yourself with going premium at this point. Concentrate on the training and building your site. When, is time to upgrade you will know. For me it was three days.

There is nothing that requires you to upgrade. You can stay a starter member for as long as you like. Be prepared, there will be stumbling blocks, as there usually is when starting something new.

The beginning is where most quitting occurs, before enough is learned. This is NOT a get-rich-quick opportunity. It is possible to make money in 3-6 months, not very probable.

This is a business, not a hobby. You will need to spend time, work hard to make it grow and become productive. That is true of any business, a brick and mortar business can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to get open. Likely they not see a profit for 5 years on average.

Pros and Cons


-only 7 days full access for starter members, could be longer.

-Training, so much can be overwhelming, hard to focus.

-So much going on, the site layout is great, but hard to focus with all there is.


  • -2 free wordpress websites
  • Video training, live and a library
  • Free starter membership for people to try it out.
  • Live chat
  • Premium provides full access.
  • Exceptional site support
  • SSL included
  • Everything listed/shown in this review
  • And much more…..


There is nothing here that I could call deceptive practices. Dirty dealing, scam or anything of that nature.

Just the best internet marketing system out there today. I believe people stay here is because of the help and caring they receive.

Because each one knows there is no free ride to where they want to go, sometimes we all need help or some encouragement.

Be self-employed and own your life. Owning your life, that we all want, to free of 9-5. That boss looking down on you. People telling you when and where to be.

You should be setting your own schedule, working online, doing something you love!

YOU DESERVE THIS!!! Do not let this pass you by.

Thank you for taking time from you day to visit us.  You may place comments below. We do not divulge your email in any way.



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