Vindale Research is Legit? Maybe.

Vindale Research is Legit? Maybe.


Ah, my old friend Vindale, we meet again. Yes I remember our last encounter, ended poorly. Although you did get the better and did not pay all I had earned. Vindale research survey. Now video and email and photos and more. Is Vindale a scam? Is Vindale research safe? We shall take a look at what is happening at Vindale Research.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research by Vindale Media LLC, located at is a market research site using the “get paid to” model offering surveys, trial offers and product testing. The company was formed in 2005.

Offering payment for completing surveys. You have to qualify for each survey and you will not qualify for all. Possibly you will qualify for few.

The company has now moved into Reward codes, find a reward code and get paid. Get paid to open emails, enter your preferences and open, read and interact with mail to earn more. Get $5 for a “payment” photo, a pic of you with your Vindale check or a sign that you got paid. If you refer your friends to Vindale, you will lose them! OK maybe not.

Surveys, sounds so easy.

The surveys are not hard, some too long. Keep thinking about that money you are going to get. And make sure you complete the survey. Your Vindale Research account is credited only when you complete surveys. Easy right? let me explain, you must complete, this includes doing whatever the survey says at the end.

Enter your email (use same one as you signed up with), any other personal information, pay for a subscription or a product. For me that was a bit far, having to spend $65.00 to join a different site and that was what I had to do to complete the survey (and collect my $50.00)

If you do not complete the surveys you do not receive the pay. There are surveys available in many areas. Pick ones you are interested in. What I suggest is that you decide how far you will go, what you will tolerate when you get to the end of your surveys.


Solo Build It!


How Many Paid Surveys can I do a Day?

You can take as many as you would like or as few. Of course, you must qualify for each. But Vindale adds hundreds of surveys every day. Notifying you by email when they are available! Convient.

Filing out your Vindale Research profile, is the best way to be sure you are getting surveys you are most likely to qualify to take. Are you sure you want to do this? You will have to do a lot of Vindale Research surveys to make any appreciable money.

I have seen no ads for them stating that so-and-so made $35,000 last year with Vindale Research. Of course, I haven’t seen that from any of the other survey sites. Maybe there is some sort of moratorium. If that got out, they would be swamped with members. Who would want that?! I may be wrong here, but do you see what I mean? There is a better way. Later I will reveal my secret. (not a secret really)


Pay Me Now or Pay Me later

But Please pay me!

The payment at Vindale Research will not be made until you reach the $50.00 mark. This can be difficult to do. With many surveys in the $5.00 range. Well you just need 10. How many will be unqualified, Vindale tries to alleviate this but this still happens.

Be sure you have verified your PayPal account or it will delay your payment.

So remember id you decide to quit Vindale, be sure you don’t leave $35.00 in your account. You can’t get it until there is $50.00.. Just saying.

Does it have to be $50., you should be able to pick $25-$50._$100. Why not? They could they pay once a week or month, whatever is verified in you account. And why is it when I shop and owe $23.00, the shop owner never says, don’t worry, pay me when it gets to $50.00.!



Is Vindale Research legit? Is Vindale Research a scam. Are the Vindale Research complains too much? TheVindale Research Better Business Bureau?

What the problem is here is communication Vindale does not communicate what actually occurs with some (many) surveys. Then people are upset (understandably) when they get caught in the cross hairs.

So is it thumbs up or down? I have to say down. I have to call this a scam because of the deceit involved. The deceit is in the lack of communication, they know what will happen and do nothing to prepare their members.

All they would need to do, is fix that and I would recommend Vindale Research, might even join. (not likely)


A Better Way- it”s Later…

Later than you may think. Need a lot of money Now? Real soon? Well, it is not here! This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I would not be involved if it was. Communication runs rampant here there is so much information, help and encouragement, sharing. This is an amazing place.

This is a place to build your online business. A place to build your websites, decide on a niche and direction for your business. And you get FREE two websites and hosting and training. You can do a lot with that, maybe more that you think.

Retiring soon, already retired, on disability, on any kind of welfare, fixed income, just starting in the workforce. All types, everyone can do this. And from everywhere, we have members worldwide.

There is a Premium membership that has even more, has almost everything. This costs $49.00 a month-yearly $365.00. And when you experience everything you get for that–WOW… Additional training. Additional 23 websites, I can’t imagine needing anywhere near that number.

What I am saying is there is a place that you can make that extra cash and a lot more too. And meet some very like-minded people from around the world. Communicate via chat or Private message. This is a strict no spam site.

Everyone has their own blog here, their are several rules about what you cannot post on your blog. This place is a safe place, as it must be to study and work.

It is completely free to join, fill out your profile, look around, click the getting started button and your on the road to success.


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