Do You Need Motivation

Motivational Techniques

To have a successful life you need to know how to keep yourself motivated. You may wonder how can I become motivated?

You will have to keep yourself motivated, no one can do that for you. No one can stoke that fire in your belly to get out there and grab success.

Nothing can motivate you better than yourself.

Sure words and support of others may count but essentially it is the deeply embedded desire of yours, the will to achieve that desire motivates you to reach out for your goals and dreams.

And don’t let that fire go out!!

Go up and never stop

Go up and never stop


There are some techniques that help you motivated to moving forward.

Goals & Aspirations:

Every journey has a destination. Life is also a journey and without a goal, life tends to become pointless and unfocused. When you have an aim to achieve, you know where you are going. Goals motivate you to keep going.

Goals are essential to have a healthy and productive mind and life. Not to mention success!

Setting Goals:

Goals are a place where you would like to see yourself in future. Setting goals is an important part of the process of remaining motivated and living a life that has a destination to reach.

Setting goals allows you to map out your ideal future. It is an essential step in motivating yourself so that your vision of future could become reality.

By knowing exactly what you want to have you know where to put your energy and efforts in. Set some achievable and exciting goals for yourself which inspire you to take a leap. Exciting goals inspire you to do much more with your life.

“Setting goals is the First step in turning the invisible to the visible”-
Tony Robbins

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Positive Thinking:

Feeding your mind right is extremely important. Our minds work as hard to make us succeed or fail. As far as the mind is concerned, it takes the same effort to both succeed and fail.

Therefore, when you sow the right kind of seeds of thought, you shall see the positivity in everything. Remember the glass half full? Is this how you see it? Would you like to?

Having a positive approach makes you more optimistic and driven towards your goal. Like a gardener gets rid of the unnecessary weeds similarly, you need to get rid of the negative thoughts so that your mind takes on a positive approach which is healthy for your well-being too.

With positive thinking, you get more courageous and take inspiration from the positivity that helps in facing fears and taking up new challenges.



Determined to Succeed

Dreams, desires of your life are the key to motivation. Having the commitment and determination to achieve success makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Motivation is want whereas determination is a need. Some people tend to mix determination and confusion but determination is critical technique of motivation.

Motivation gets you started but determination helps you in finishing that task. Inner determination is way stronger than getting motivation by someone or something.

Motivation is the daily spark but determination keeps that spark ignited. Determination is the fuel that keeps you going through the hard times even when you want to quit.

It makes you dig deep so that you really thrive and succeed what you have set out to do.

No matter how hard it gets, determination does not let you quit throughout the day, day after day.

“Success is Walking from Failure to Failure with no loss of Enthusiasm” Winston Churchill.

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I have always read about techniques to help myself.  For anyone so inclined, here are links to some of the books I have read.

Think and Grow Rich


Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant”


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10 responses to “Do You Need Motivation”

  1. Roopesh says:

    I love that quote by Mr.Robbins about setting goals. That is really an awesome one, and it is something that I am going to paste in my office in big bold letters.

    I think that your posts is something that everybody should read every single day of their life if they want to be a success in whatever area they so choose.

    I often have trouble with the latter two points that you mentioned.

    I need to get my mind more focused on positive thoughts and when times are tough, I give up at times not having that full determination.

    You reckon, the ‘Awake the Giant,’ book will help me.

    Thanks for a motivational and helpful post

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you Roopesh for the visit and comments.  

      I would recommend “Awaken the Giant” for you. It is a very detailed work.

      It is results, giving you the tools to succeed.

  2. Ahmad says:

    Hello James, thanks for the motivational article. I have set a list of goals in my life that I wish to achieve, and now, I am carrying out on them. Everyday, I wake up with positive thinking, and throughout the day, I work to achieve my goals. I would sometimes have self doubt because I know life isn’t easy, but I have determination and I will make it!!! Your article has helped motivate me to push and hard worker. Thank you!

    • james hilton says:

      You have absolutely the right way. Keep with your program and you will succeed, I have no doubt.

      Thank you for visiting Ahmad

  3. jacob says:

    As you said, staying motivated is extremely important to achieve anything in life but I have definitely had my issues with staying motivated in recent times. This post gave me loads of actionable techniques that I can implement immediately to ensure this doesn’t become a real problem.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Kurtis Quick says:

    The past few weeks I have been in serious need of motivation. I have goals and I am working towards them. I have business and personal goals that I am trying to accomplish. I have come to realize that my sleeping habits for the past month have been horrible. Sleeping 4-5 hours a night. The little sleep is what is killing my motivation. Tasks that are usually simple are becoming frustrating. I need to get back to sleeping more and my motivation should pick back up again. I hope.

    • James says:

      Lack of sleep can cause all kinds of disruptions. Especially with the mind. Get the sleep

      problem straightened out and the other problems will follow. Good luck with this.

      I hope you conquer it soon.

  5. svenonroad says:

    Hey James, thx for your article. It is indeed very important to motivate yourself. Of course their comes sometimes a frustrating time and you don’t know what to do, but if you motivate yourself, while keeping your goals and your desire in your had, you can pass every down time. Positive thinking is my favorite way for motivation 🙂

    • James says:

      Thanks for the comment. You are correct in saying that positive thinking is a good way to motivate.

      Everyone has a way, or several. Whatever works doesn’t matter for each, just that something does and

      they don’t stop until they find it. Thanks again

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