Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019- All New!!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019- All New!!

What you will learn about in this Wealthy Affiliate review is about a place where honesty, courtesy, helping one another are just not words on paper, but real actions. A place where members are here to grow and learn.       


Here we are, the place for earning fast money, passive income, driving your dream car in three weeks! Sound good?

Well, I am afraid you will not find those things here, probably not anywhere, while there will be plenty of silver tongued devils that will try to convince you that can be a reality. These are called SCAMS.

At Wealthy Affiliate:

You will be trained with the best training I have ever seen. Will you make money? Yes you will, but it will not happen in the next 3 weeks, you will work for it. You wouldn’t have it any other way would you?

On to training…. You do love learning, right?

Training-The Wealthy Affiliate University

First a view for you to examine. These views are of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training. There are, as you can see there are 5 phases containing a total of 50 lessons and there are tasks. You read the text and watch the video and perform the tasks at the end, this shows you, you have learned.

If you have trouble with the task, redo the lesson. Until you have got it. Then move onto the next.lesson. You will start with Getting Started, simple huh?

Complete each lesson and when done move to the next. Don’t skip lessons, as they all build off the last. The Online Entrepreneur Certification training will walk you through the process of creating and growing a business in any niche that you want.

You will find out later, you missed something and will try to find what it was. I did that, wasted a lot of time.

Wealthy Affiliate Training 2

Premium members can add training as well. If they see something, or see no training where they see a need. They can create a training here.

Just search you question and you will find some training and blog posts pertaining to your query.

Live Webinar training with various topics, every Friday evening. It is the place to be for a lot of members. It is the place to be for a lot of members. For good reason, Jay Neil, the trainer, does an excellent job of presenting the lesson, no matter what topic.

I have to bring the chips and pretzels this week! ha-ha. The live chat is on, for the webinar and some fun is always allowed.

Serious, these Webinars are an excellent chance to network with other members. All the webinars are recorded and are available within a day or two.

So, not available on Friday, no problem, you don’t have to miss the training. Just the raucous good time live!! You wouldn’t be alone.

You can also search the video training when you are looking for something specific. Recently those training have been about YouTube, making videos, how to monetize covering everything you need to know to get started and create a viral video.


Bootcamp Training

          is a different section of training, especially for those wanting to build an affiliate site in a niche related to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. This training is similar to the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. Bootcamp has 7 phases and 70 lessons. I have listed them here so you may see what is included.

Level One: Includes-


Boot Camp, not Our Bootcamp

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing Your Direction
  • Building Your Website
  • A Website Look Around
  • Activating Your Plugins
  • Getting Your Website Ready for SEO
  • Your initial Framework of Content
  • Understanding the Keyword Research Process
  • Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews

Level Two: What you Learn in Two

  • How to Make your Content a Wonderful Reader Experience
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Visual Mistakes.
  • The 6 Rules for Creating Quality Content
  • Mastering Conversions through Content Flow
  • Properly using Affiliate Links
  • Maximizing Your Profits by Leveraging Products

Level Three: What You Learn in Three

  • What Social Networks You should avoid and Which to use
  • How to add Social plug-ins to your Website. Additions
  • How to write content that is Socially Engaging.
  • Effective Sharing Techniques Engagement
  • Creating a Website that is Socially friendly with Google
  • The Financial Benefit to Contributing to Wealthy Affiliate.


Level Four: What You Learn in Four

  • How to Design High Converting Web Pages
  • Making Your Content a Brilliant Visitor Experience
  • Adding Charts and Graphs to Your Pages
  • Using Screen Captures to Emphasize Your Expertise.
  • Leveraging Pinterest for visual Traffic *Blasting Traffic with Video
  • How to Pin It

Level Five- See what’s in here, it’s all  good

  • A Community Commenting Project
  • How to Write with Intent
  • The Best Way to Share
  • How to get Your Comments to Convert
  •  Blasting Traffic with Video
  • Harnessing the power of YouTube

Level Six: What you learn in Six

  • Let Bing know how to find your Pages
  • Creating a Bing Ads account
  • Refining Your Campaigns for Maximal Conversions
  • How to create a Quality, High CTR Ad Group
  • Tracking Free and Premium Referrals through PPC
  • Using Hidden Pages
  • To Direct Link or not
  • How to Properly Leverage the Content Network
  • Spying on your competition for your own Benefit

Level Seven- Wrapping this up.

  •   Properly Creating and Setting up A Google AdWords Account
  • Understanding How to Create Relevant PPC Specific Pages
  •  How to set up Google Conversion Tracking
  • Setting up High Quality Score Ad Groups
  • Creating High CTR (click through ratio)  Ads
  • Managing PPC prices for maximum Benefits
  • Maximizing Review Pages with PPC
  • How to get Google AdWords Support, when You need it
  • Using Comparison Tables to Maximize Conversions
  • The Relevance Checkbox Strategy



    • That’s right there is more.

There are also 14 classrooms, all with a wealth of training and information.

    • Some topics include Marketing, Email, PPC, Video, Local and Niche and Keyword Marketing.
Also, Classrooms on Website Development, SEO and Social Engagement.

These are just another tool, a place for you to gain more knowledge from experienced members.

    Have a question, locate the proper classroom and ask, look around, maybe you can answer someone else questions.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

If You have ever wondered what it looked like inside the Wealthy Affiliate University, I am going to give you a peek. You will sleep better knowing.

Wealthry Affiliate Dashboard

This is My Dashboard inside Wealthy Affiliate. At the very top you can see the Question search, putting a question in there, will result in a list of all related, training and blog posts that pertain to your search.

On the left are the links to the places I frequent, to do my business. On the right is the Chat room. In the center are blog post from other members, that view changes several times a day.


To Compare to Last year Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Next Up….. Jaaxy, What is a Jaaxy? READ ON.

Jaaxy Super Keyword Plus JAAXY DASH

Jaaxy is a Great Keyword Search and Niche Research Tool.

This is the Jaaxy Dashboard, this is what you/I see when entering.

Type in your keyword, or an idea what you want and click on

“Find Keywords and a list like the one seen here comes up.

The columns of numbers will have meaning to you after some training,

they are of most importance when choosing keywords.

Jaaxy also does Site Rank, tracking historical Rankings and Monitor Your Website Authority This will tell you where your post (article) is ranking, showing up in searches.

This is something you need to be aware of.

Search Analysis, this will analyze your competition and discover SEO trends.

Affiliate Programs Search and find relevant Affiliate programs for your niche.

My Keyword Lists is where you create and manage your lists of keywords.

Niche Keyword Lists Are for premium members only, Niche lists.

If you have a website and are writing posts or pages, you should Jaaxy on your side. Here is the ranking of one of my posts.Site Rank

The Community

What can I say about the people her at Wealthy Affiliate. Well lets start with a big THANKS. These people are the best, not like we don’t all have enough on our plates. Ask for help (HELP!!) they will be there.

We have followers here, there is a very Strict NO SCAM OR SPAM is allowed. There is also No Self promotion, you cannot post your website link or the link of your affiliates.

The posts that cross my dash in Wealthy Affiliate are on a whole range of topics, success stories when someone does well, or maybe a story of someone finding a better way to do something, maybe a better plug-in. Sometime people ask for help with writers block.

Some are showing their goals and work plans, and of course the occasional rant.

One thing is for certain, for all of us being here for basically the same reason, these lovely people, from all over the earth, are the best I have ever worked with.

I hope we all make it to Vegas next year, I would love to shake the hand of everyone of them.

Come and Join Us-We Won’t Disappoint!

Well, I am running out of space here so I will have to close soon!!

But first, If you have ever thought of an online job, or a business you could run virtually anywhere. Felt, that you could help people more if you had more resources.

Ask yourself right now. What am I passionate about.... that could be you niche, be the beginning of a niche blog and your business.

If you are doing something you Love, you will find the work easier, go with it until you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

This Wealthy Affiliate works for anyone, anyone that wants to do the work necessary to be successful.

Got proof? SBI! does.

Recent Graduates, Stay at Home Parents Retired and near Retiring and people that have the desire to Help others monetarily and don’t have the means, as I said Anybody.

This is no get-rich-quick scheme, as I stated earlier. Many of us lost money to these cheats and for that reason, we are at Wealthy Affiliate.

The platform that Carson and Kyle have built is based in honesty and integrity and a desire to help people to succeed.

Why would anyone want to give you a free starter membership? Because, if you can try it, your decision is easier. Why would anyone not want to try it? I don’t know, I tried it and signed up for premium in 3 days.

If you have ever wanted to try something like this, you owe it to yourself, to at least sign up for the free, The price is certainly right.

Does Wealthy Affiliate work? YES it does work, if YOU work. And for that reason all that is left is for you is to take ACTION.   I’ll see you inside!



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