What Are Federal Rent Checks (and Why it Matters)

What Are Federal Rent Checks (and Why it Matters)

Federal agencies are required to pay rent on the office or other space they are required to occupy. And, of course, it is your tax dollars that are paying that rent. Are Federal Rent Checks a scam?

Should the government send this money, your portion, to you every month? Could be a check for $1795.00, wouldn’t that be nice.?

Maybe sounds too nice, just possible we have a scam, here? From the Federal Government, never!!

But maybe this isn’t really from the government at all.

Today we will be looking into these claims, finding out what is good and possible what is bad.


The Story behind Federal Rent Checks

On the website for Federal Rent Checks, you will find a very long sales pitch. And of course, a long video and what seems an endless supply of pictures with people and their checks. The video is close to an hour long!

Federal Rent ChecksThe federal agencies, FBI, Congress, CIA, FDA, DOJ, WHITE HOUSE, NASA and more all have to pay rent on their facility.

Maintenance and upkeep of these facilities is also on us taxpayers. And the land and construction for some of these were also on the taxpayers dime.

This rent that the government is paying goes into a “special” account, the Federal Building Fund, which has over 1 billion dollars in it. Because of this and more, people are asking “How do I get these Federal Rent Checks” It Is The Law!

It Is the Law

That’s right, a little known law, actually there are a lot of little known laws. But we will be concerned with only one at this time. It is Public Law 92-313, a provision to the Public Buildings Amendments. This occurred in 1972, definitely not a headline grabber, buried in Congresses legislative schedule. Federal Rent Checks Law

As I am sure you can seems you can see, it is stipulated, that the government must pay.

There are some 9600+ facilities that will require financing, rent. Some of these facilities are owned by the government. The rest of them, about 8000 are owned by others. Mostly Real Estate corporations, who collect the rent on these facilities.

The US Army Corp of Engineers must pay 3.5 million rent payment for one of there facilities.

And the FBI pays 4.1 million for a facility in NE. The list is long, understandably,

You should be receiving some of that shouldn’t you?

What are Federal Rent Checks

Federal Rent checks are, of course the money, the government pays to Real Estate Corporations to occupy their facilities.

From there on, it gets murky. How do the citizens get in on this? Where do we get in, sign up?

You must get on a distribution list. At least that’s what they call it. Let see how we accomplish that.

Federal Rent checks are the brainchild of D.R. Barton jr. and seems to imply some sort of affiliation with the government. The checks are only very loosely associated with the law. The checks are actually dividend payments from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). To get on the list, you must invest in these funds.

From a marketing viewpoint, this is a very good method to get people in. Everybody wants something for nothing. I am including myself if the group.

There are other ways to get a check each month, but require work… I will explain here Earn Money Online


According to the Federsl Rent Check website:

You have to know where you want your check mailed to. Then you can open up your wallet and pay. You will make a one time investment to get on the list. You will be entitled to Federal Rent Checks and receive checks.

It is an option, of course invest more and get bigger checks. Some have invested a lot more and are getting extraordinary checks. Everything in life carries risks, investment included.

Is Federal Rent Checks Scam

A subscription will cost you $39 for one year and $79 for two years. This will give you the step by step guide in how to get your Federal Rent Check. The newsletter you will get is full of good investment advice.

Is Federal Rent Checks a Scam?

With all we have seen, especially the usage of the “Federal Rent Checks” as a marketing ploy. Appears to me that they are “targeting” the “Make Money online”, not usually the investor type. This seems like a scam, but is not.

Throughout, there were implications, but no actual promises of an amount, if any, you would receive. The financial instrument is a REIT and if you are able to invest and want to, I would not want to invest with a company that using trickery to get me involved.

There are many other ways, other brokers. I would not be sure how much trust I could muster for this company.

How about you, what do you think?

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Why it Matters

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