What is Inbox Dollars- Easy Money or No

What is Inbox Dollars- Easy Money or No

What is Inbox Dollars, it is a reward site, we have certainly seen a lot of these. Inbox Dollars is different from many of the others. Maybe different from all the others.

This site, as many others offers many ways for you to earn some extra cash. We will be expanding on What is Inbox Dollars, information about the company, how you earn and how you get paid.

What is Inbox Dollars

Founded by Daren Cotter of CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. in 2000, InboxDollars boasts more than 10 million members, with new members joining this mega-community every day. Over the years, it has earned a solid reputation for top professionalism, integrity, transparency and exceptional customer service.

Inbox dollars is a website that you can join to earn some extra money (although maybe the money should really be termed as pennies) because it does take a while to build up enough money to make a withdrawal.

InboxDollars offers cash for surveys and a sign-up bonus for joining. They credit your account with $5 upon signing up and they give you money instead of points like some other survey companies.

That is one of the best things about Inbox Dollars, their Reward values are shown in dollars and cents, not points or Swagbucks. No time spent figuring how many points equals 10 dollars

You can make money in a variety of ways, like playing games, trial offers, taking surveys, referring others, Watching videos, completing offers for gift cards, and shopping.

This site encourages users to register for as many surveys as possible to earn money.

InboxDollars home

Screen Shot InboxDollars site

One thing you’ll notice when you look online is some folks having a lot of “success” with Inboxdollars, and a lot of folks not having much success with Inboxdollars at all.

And something else that seems apparent is that, those who do have that first initial success don’t seem to continue having success in the long run.

From what I’ve observed, it’s probably because of the need of the companies who are paying for the information. Seems like you’re not a big consumer of products then a lot of the surveys won’t be applicable to you.

Inbox Dollars, How Do I Make Money

How Do You Make Money With Inbox Dollars & Surveys?

So this is what a lot of members do – take surveys. Okay, so that’s probably easy enough, you think?

Screenshot, InboxDollars site

ImboxDollars Site Offerings

Although you don’t always qualify for a survey, you will go through a process at the beginning of each survey.

Answering questions, qualifiers if you will. But you don’t know, until you have spent the time answering these questions. This could add up to a considerable amount of time, then you find you are rejected.

Now imagine being reject 4 times in a row and spending around 20 minutes on each, filling out if you, questionnaires – tough luck. Happened to me just today! Damn!

As you can imagine this can be not only time-consuming, but extremely frustrating.

You can spend the majority of your day JUST filling out if you, surveys and STILL make NO money.

Rather, you, had qualified, you could be on you way to a good payday, in just a few weeks of the same results.

The other ways to make money at Inbox Dollars is the watching videos and playing games are pretty straight forward. They will not pay as well as the other ways, but should not be overlooked. You may want to try them out after a day on not qualifying for surveys.

My #1 Way I Make Money Online

Emails and Completing Offers

You read the emails that have been sent to you, do web searches daily and watch the odd video 4 or 5 times a week.

They will send up to 5 surveys to complete a week (most only get a survey every once in a while), it takes you half an hour to complete the pre qualify questions and another half hour to complete the survey.

Although, I have been receiving about 5 emails a day, usually with a survey and other offers. The others are usually for bargains to purchase a product, or complete offers for gift cards. You can opt out of emails, easily, if they become bothersome.

Use the following link to read my MyPoints review.

MyPoints.com Review {with Member Comments}

The company takes a lot of different stats into consideration when deciding who they will send surveys to.That’s why some people will get more Inboxdollars surveys to complete than others.

Completing Offers

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with “completing offers”, this is something you need to be careful with. Watch your personal information you may be asked for. You will need to choose an offer from, probably 3 different lists. You will usually find offers that cost you nothing, dollar wise.

They are generally for newsletters, also free trials The first two (if 3 lists) Free trials usually end in charges to you down the road, when the free trial ends.

You will not qualify for the reward if you do not stay past the free trial ending. Therefore, choose something you can use or that you like.

While, at least one list, probably the last one, will have only offers that will cost you money. No free offers to complete. Here is where you have to be careful, because you will have to spend money to complete this offer.

Therefore, caution not to spend more than the reward you are working towards. This is not a bad way to get rewards, just some caution and knowledge can keep you out of harms way. Consider yourself forewarned!

When-How Do I Get Paid

The first payment for non-Gold members will be processed 10-16 days after their payout request, on Wednesday of each week. In order to have it processed in 10 days, you need to request payment by the end of the day on a Sunday. Once your first payout is processed, you become a Gold member, as easy as that.

Gold members who choose the ePayment option ( powered by TANGO) will receive an email the same day the payment is processed before/by 3 p.m. Central Time. All ePayment options will be listed on the same page when a member goes to redeem their payment.

Gold members are given the option to either select the cards without creating an account or create an account for additional benefits. Account holders with a Tango card can cash out for significantly higher merchant amounts and they can also choose to send their earnings via email to family and friends as gifts/ donations.

There is no additional fee for eCards. Prepaid Visa cash cards are processed by Swift.

Checks are emailed through the US postal office, so they typically take around 2 weeks to arrive. Note that members need to have an active account to have payouts processed.

Processing time doesn’t include mailing time. Members will receive a confirmation email with the expected processing date.

How long does it take to process a check? Non-Gold Members: 1st payments are processed 10-16 days after your request, on Wednesdays each week.

After submitting your first payment request, it takes 10-16 days to cycle through the verification process before the check can be issued.

According to Inboxdollars official website PrePaid Visa® Cash Cards are processed by Swift.

Inboxdollars charges a $3.00 processing fee per payment request but $3.00 is then deposited back into your account to get you started on your next payment request.

Can Inboxdollars Pay Through PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal is not currently a payment option with Inboxdollars.

Pros- Cons and My 2 Cents

The Pros

Cash, not points: real cash rewards plus many prizes for your typical daily mobile and online activities, guaranteed

Versatility –there are a lot of ways to earn on Inbox Dollars, you should try them all.

Convenience – earn as much cash as you want at your own pace, conveniently and hassle-free

Reliability – InboxDollars pays on-time, as soon as your balance hits the minimum amount ($30) and you request payout.

Legitimacy – this trusted, mega-popular and established cash rewards club is BBB accredited with an A+ rating

Navigation – It is easy to get around the site and find what you want.

Very large community Something like 10 million members.

The Cons

There is a $3 processing fee when a member chooses to cash out $30. This fee will be waived when a member chooses to wait for their balance to hit $40 before requesting payment.

Partial payments are not permitted, as payment is made in full on the member’s account

InboxDollars doesn’t offer PayPal or direct deposits

Pre-paid Visa Cash Cards and Merchant eCards are eligible for US residents only.

My 2 Cents

From what I have seen at www.inboxdollars.com is not a scam, not a bad rewards site. They have rules, just like every other rewards site out there. you, cannot follow the rules, you cannot play!

Read and understand the “terms”. Consequently, if you find something you cannot live with, leave, search for something that fits you better.

Here are a few recent comments posted online from members, former members. When I read these, I have to wonder how many of the complaints are due to unrealistic high expectations. Expecting more that this site can deliver on.

Visit Inbox Dollars here

Member Comments Online

Chris T.

“Not a scam but not worth it”


They get you interested with the initial $5 you get for signing up and quickly getting up to about $15 in a day but you need $30 before you can withdraw money and after that initial $10-15 you have to start signing up for offers or banks credit cards etc. and the surveys pay on average .25 for 10-40 min you can play games for about .03 of 20min play time

Lou o.

“Crooks that steal your money”


My daughter had an acct w $90 in it. She referred me. I signed up w the same address as her. In the terms it says u cannot have 2 accounts w same address. Instead of just suspending my account or allowing me to close my acct they closed both of our accounts and will not pay the money she is owed for her work over the last 3 months. Same on you she worked hard for that money. Close my acct don’t penalize her for something silly like that. Just terrible.

Jeff R.



I signed up for inbox dollars a couple of weeks ago and have 45 bucks in my account! It takes persistence but is a nice way to get extra cash in your spare time. It’s not a scam just have to work for it like anything else in this world.

reiziyell l.

“good panel, one of my favorites




For me it has been a good panel, of so much time that I have been there; e known to use it to reach the estimate to collect, who has accounts that do not use and want to collaborate would be a pleasure to receive them since I would work with a lot of dedication.

Amanda B.

“Pennies is all you make”


It’s kind of simple to hit your first 30 but then you have to play the waiting game to get paid.

Your next 30 will be made in about a year (unless you PAY to get points by buying things through sponsors).

After that, you seldom make anything.

The surveys are not worth much, many disqualify you (after you’ve completed about half of the survey), the “scratch and win” and also “spin and win” options are a joke.

Pennies is all you make, no matter how much you search, spin, or survey.

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