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Insight to Working for Yourself

Working yourself or being self-employed may sound like a dream come true as you are doing something you are good at without difficult bosses to deal with. On days it might feel like a job but still it comes with number of pros as well as cons.


*You are your own boss. There is the flexibility and freedom to work your own hours and schedule which is the top perk of working for yourself. You could work and you can stop anytime you like.

*Flexible income is another benefit of working for yourself. If your job is service-based you could increase clients if you want to save or go on a vacation. You could save accordingly and have a work-free trip.

*No dress code. Nothing can match the comfort of soft and comfy PJs. Working on your own allows you to be casual not having to attire yourself in proper office wear.

*You can work from anywhere. Though many companies offer this flexibility if you work from home or anywhere, you save hours of commuting. If you feel like going out, you could take your work with you as internet has made things fairly easy.

*No Politics. Only person you have to answer to is yourself or your clients. You don’t have to deal with negative or toxic people that are present in office environment.

*Family time. This is possibly the best thing. You are able to spend time with family. Office jobs often take up lot of hours and you end up neglecting family and time spent together.


*You are boss. Yes this is a perk as well as a disadvantage because it is you that has to call all the shots that require quite high level of self-control. You don’t have a back-up. It’s you who have to meet the deadline complete the project. And sometimes you do feel need of company and workmates.

*No health insurance: Many companies are shifting the cost to employees though but still it’s quite costly and companies do offer such facilities to employees.

*No Regular Paycheck: Without retaining clients, you cannot have steady income and you have to be ok with hustling for business and marketing yourself. It does get easier with time though after you have established reputation with steady clients.

Apart from the above stated pros and cons, self-employment is still considered quite favorable option especially for parents who don’t want to neglect family and want a healthy work balance. Listed below are the traits that are required to become a successful self-employed person:

• Multi-talented: As you have to do all the things yourself, you need to have various skills that you can put to use.

• Determination: Working for yourself needs extreme determination and patience to make it work. If you not committed, you might lose hope and take up a regular job.

• Discipline: You need to be extremely disciplined even more than when you are employed by an employer.

• Time: You need to manage time efficiently and devote time to your work as you would a normal job rather than being easy on yourself.

• Planning: You may have some blank tough times during self-employment so ensure that you have funds to cover periods when you don’t have much coming in.

Internet Business

The world today is flooded with different types of internet businesses. Millions of Internet Businesses
people all over the globe are searching for internet businesses to either make them financially independent or to be an extra source of income. Unfortunately, most of them do not know what exactly they are searching for. It may not be easy selecting one out of all the numerous business models in a bid to get the most appropriate one for you. However, in this write-up, we will be considering four major types of internet businesses which you can run genuinely from the comfort of your home.

Professional Services

This is a very lucrative area you could dive into if you’ve got some valuable skills. You could render digital services like web design, programming, graphic design, etc. If you have some basic writing skills you could venture into areas like contents and article writing. If you’ve got any of these skills, then you can be your boss and make good cash online.

Information Product Marketing:

A lot of people see the internet as the first stop for information. You can take advantage of this and sell information to information seekers. This can be done either by creating informative and educative eBooks and selling it to the seeker, or creating a web page or blog that will provide the information to visitors and then you monetize your web page by putting up paid ads on it.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular internet businesses. Here, you market and sell products for a commission. In this case, you are not the owner of the products, you help people to sell their goods and receive a commission for every product sold. Customer service and cost of delivery is handled by the owners of the product; all you have to do is set out strategies to get more customers to purchase.

MLM or Network Marketing

In the case, products are distributed through associates or distributors via a network or a multi-level reward structure. You receive commissions not just on your sales, but also from the sales of your down-lines.
Tips To Avoid Being Scammed By Online Scams
The fact is, although it is not as easy as it seems to get a legitimate internet business, I will give you 3 tips that will guide you from being scammed:

• Are You Required to Make Any Payments?

If you stumble upon any internet business opportunity that demands an upfront registration fee, then do your homework to know exactly why. If you figure out the reason, then evaluate the cost to know if it is really worth it. Is it a reasonable fee? If you are not comfortable, simply move on to other internet business opportunities that are completely free to register.

• What Is Their Payment Method and When Do You Get Paid?

Another critical thing to find out before joining is, when and how you get paid. Also be sure of the minimum amount you would make before you get paid, because a lot of people are lured into programs only to discover, after much work, that the minimum amount they can be earned before they get paid is $500 or even more: that’s obnoxious.

• Is It All About MLM?

A lot of persons will definitely disagree on this. I haven’t mentioned that MLM schemes are scams, I am only trying to say that you must be extra sure of what you are venturing into. Some MLM schemes are so ridiculous; making too high demands. So just be sure it’s what you can meet up with its goals, else it’s as good as a scam.

Despite all these, you can still make a fortune from the different types of internet businesses available online. We offer free training and step by step guidance on how to set up your internet business and make legit cash right from your home.

Although there are several genuine platforms to make income right from home, there are several websites set up to scam people seeking to earn money online. Check out the reviews here to see a list of genuine and scam sites. We are hopeful that these reviews will help you to be more careful and selective in your bid to select a business to participate in.

A book, I recommend . click here

Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Wish you good luck on your internet business venture.

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8 responses to “Working for Yourself”

  1. Netta says:

    Hey James:

    Thanks for your thoughtful article about being the boss of you. You know…I don’t think I can name one working person that I know who is NOT, in some way, working for themselves.

    I think it’s the new reality of the work scene. Even when someone has a full-time job working for somebody else, they also have some sort of side-gig that they’re doing with the hope of turning it into something more than a side-gig.

    It seems that we all have to develop the character traits of an entrepreneur these days….

    • James says:

      it is true as you say, being an entrepreneur is a plus these days. with the job market as it is. Who wants to work for someone else anyway? Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jen says:

    Working for yourself, you definitely need time management discipline, determination, and planning. I would add to your list- focus. Keeping focused on what you need to do each day and not getting distracted. Distractions can cause huge wastes of time and we all know time is money. Thanks for the general overview of self employment possibilities!

    • James says:

      Thank you, Jen. I will be adding these things as suggested. I could use some of that focus, maybe turning off the phone would help! Thanks again

  3. Norman says:

    Working for ones self is now becoming the norm for many people, everywhere you look people are getting more involved in being their own boss and that is a god thing because there are so many benefits that are involved, it sure do beats the nine to five job and the benefits are just out of this world, i would encourage anyone to work for themselves.

    • admin says:

      I couldn’t agree more! With the job market the way it is now, people are looking for other sources of income.

      At Wealthy Affiliate there is a free membership, great way to get your feet wet and see what can be done.

      What you could do. Thanks for the comment, if you have any questions feel free.

  4. uphill1 says:

    Hi James,
    I love the idea of working for myself. I’m glad I stumbled across your website as I was wondering what this affiliate marketing is all about. I clicked on the wealthy affiliate banner on your site. This seems like a legitimate program. Are you a member of this program? Would you recommend this program to someone like me, searching for a definite source of income? I look forward to your response.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. I have a membership at Wealthy Affiliate, premium membership.

      Wealthy has a wonderful training program that will take you step by step. Go as quick as

      you can or take your time. The free membership gets two free websites and hosting. Can’t

      beat the price!! As with any business, you get what you put in. So I would urge you to

      click on that banner again, set up your free account and start your new life.

      If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here

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