Working while Disabled

   YES you Can Work while Disabled.

I Have Been

Therefore you may also be able. Depending what kind of work you would seek, physical limitations and or mental limitations may prevent you working. But sometimes those thing can be overcome quite cleverly.


Then again, maybe they do not. Basically, what can you do or not. If you are reading this, then you have a high speed internet and some sort of device.

Laptop or desktop, possibly a tablet. All would work, although I find the laptop easiest.

Can you operate the system? Spend some time learning something new, possibly new.  I have been able to this, as long as I take breaks, sometimes 4 days!

You have these thing, you can work online most assuredly. There is something you can do, may even want to do, that makes it easier.

My brain becomes mush after a couple days, I have to walk away for a couple days. This is ok, because there is no time limit on the training, go at your own speed.

Limits from SSDI?

Benefits from SSDI are taken away if you earn of a set amount in any month. you are allowed a nine month trial work period. During this period, you receive full benefits. In 2017 in the trial months, you can earn as much as you can, no penalty.

This lasts for 9 months. If you go over any month after that, BANG, gotcha. This trigger is any month you made over $840.00. This is gross pay, not after taxes and deductions.


The SGA amount is $1170.00. That is Substantial Gainful Activity.  Sometimes referred to the Gotcha Clause. What that means, you make that money and they feel you no longer need your benefits. This comes into play after going over the $840.00. Trust me this gets very confusing. Special meanings for works and formulas. My head is spinning!

I can’t understand that reasoning, anyone out there? If someone does please let me know.

But I believe that a large percentage of us, would like to earn enough, so we could kiss SSDI goodbye forever. I know that is one of my goals. Do you agree, it could be done. Agree?

They go me with it in 2015. I was just working along, part time, not paying much attention to my paystubs.  BANG, letter from SSDI, we will be paying you benefits for the next two months, after witch your benefits will cease.!

I will tell you, that will take wind from your sails. After checking it was found that I was indeed over, of course. Only about $30.00, we found it was to me working an extra shift to fill in for another employee.

A trip to the local SSA office, with a representative to do the talking everything was straightened out. My duties now, were to send in copies of check stubs and timesheets every month.

If you are in a different country and have another system you   should check for limitations. Your benefits coming from elsewhere? You will need to check for stipulations and stay on top of any requirements, of course.

Nobody wants to terminate there benefits until a better thing is assured and locked down. Seems a prudent plan, how about you?

What do you know everything about?

Think about it, must be something. This could be, something you could talk all about, advise other people on whatever it is. A niche is a relatively small segment of people you could “sell”. It is something like, Fishing is one thing, but ice fishing is a niche.

Same as bass fishing a niche, but still too large in most cases. But you get the idea. Right?

Click the link  the link below, goes to a training lesson about niche.   Very informative.

Wealthy Affialiate Niche training

This is just one of the training lessons. There is a course available for absolutely FREE. NO arguing that price is there?

Writing content

Weathly Affiliiate Content Writing

Writing content is just writing about what you know and want to share with your audience. Usually this is your niche, making it much easier. Also less to researching.

The more content you write the better you get, as with most things.

in conclusion

How much time do you have in any given  day? Do you ever think of having a business of your? Maybe you already have one and have been considering adding another income stream? Have you considered an online business.

I know that many of you, being disabled or handicapped, have been ridiculed at times. Mostly unfairly and often rudely. You are all better than that and you can make a difference in your life. If that is what you want.

For myself I reached a point that I realized, sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching TV, was not the way I wanted to die. Not the way to live my life. I am sure many of you feel the same. Time to do something.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Motivation Article


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11 responses to “Working while Disabled”

  1. Brian Exploring Wealth says:


    What an excellent idea! I believe that your website will give hope to those who may have a disability. Through your content, the internet will give them a voice to be heard around the world. Everyone should have the ability to earn extra income.

    Continue to be blessed as you speak on behalf of others.


  2. Tom says:

    Hi – What a great topic to write about. I have worked with people with disabilities and many have wanted to find ways to supplement their income. You’re right, SSDI is rather limited each month and many people WANT to find other things they can do from home. Your suggestions are good in that nearly anyone can use their computer at home to earn some money – and can do so from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule. Good article – thanks for the information!

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you Tom for the visit and kind words. Staying at home with nothing but the idiot box is not a life, I thing all or most disabled realize. Sooner or later.

      Come visit again

  3. Michael says:

    Having an online business really is great and I like how you point on they even a disabled person can do it.

    Even if your hands are broke or not the greatest, WiFi today’s technology you can speak and have programs type what your saying! I just find it all amazing.

    I really love idea of working anywhere in the world by writing about things you enjoy.

    Thanks for this nice reminder and information.

  4. Mat A. says:

    What a great article, thank you for sharing. I have several friends who are disabled and they have figured out ways to work at home and one of them does work on building an online business. I haven’t checked in with him in a while so not sure what online platform he is working with. I joined WA several months ago and really like the community and the model. My only trouble is finding enough time to put content out there! Thanks again for the great article. Mat A.

    • james hilton says:

      I understand you dilemma, time is the enemy of us all. We must make it our friend. (there may be a post in there?) Work hard on it and write a little whenever you can, carry a pen and note book to make notes.

      Thank you for the comment Mat

  5. burleyboy says:

    I have an uncle that went in to remove a tumor from his brain about 8 years ago, and he is still in a wheelchair today. Originally, he couldn’t even move, but with some help and physical therapy, he has regained upper body mobility. He speaks slower at times, however, and a lot of people didn’t think he would be able to go back to work (he was a carpenter and home construction contractor). The great thing, however, is that with a little can-do spirit, and determination, not only was he able to finish an addition to their home while in a wheelchair, he still went back to college, got a master’s degree, and now works for the city of Salt Lake in Utah as a city planner in charge of disability accessibility across the state. Working while disabled is not only possible, it is also a gateway to exponentially improve the lives around you.

    • james hilton says:

      A wonderful story, your uncle is an inspiration to all of the disabled out there today. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Alejandra says:

    Love to read your article, and love how everyday we can find more opportunities to work from home for everyone who wants to join the era of online business.
    This is a good opportunity for people who are disabled and can’t do some jobs.
    As you said, anyone can start a good business as long as they have a tablet, a laptop or a PC.
     As a Wealthy Affiliate member I can say the free training is the place to start, from it… anyone will find so many great online business opportunities.

    • james hilton says:

      Thank you for the comment. There are certainly no other places out there that offer so much quality training, and so much of it free. Start and see if it is for you!

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